Walking for weight loss

It’s a proven fact that the distance you walk every day is directly related to energy your body burns. Unlike what most women think, the speed at which you walk is of less relevance in comparison to the distance and weight. Ideally close to 100 calories are burnt for a person weighing 180 pounds and 65 calories for a person who weighs 120 pounds.

If you can a hit a good walking speed, it essentially means that you burn more calories per mile. Walking for weight loss can be challenging for beginners and it’s recommended they increase the distance walked before working on speed.

To shed some pounds you will have to increase your activity so as to burn more calories every day in additional to eating less calories. Begin by establishing how many calories your body burns each day to maintain your current weight. A basal metabolic calculator may come in handy to help you institute this.

Can You Really Burn Calories By Just Walking?

Walking  doesn’t have to be a daunting task. To help you here are healthy weight loss tips you need to know.

>>>> 1. Establish the key factors that ensure you burn a lot more calories with the walking workout. In a nutshell, discover how to burn more calories and fat with walking. Also try drinking green tea as well.

>>>> 2. Keep Watch on the Calories: One bar of candy bar for instance takes three to four miles to burn, therefore the secret to walking  goes hand in hand with consuming fewer calories.

>>>> 3. Learn how to walk in the fat burning zones to help you lose weight faster.

>>>> 4. Establish how to walk to lose weight. As before seen, the distance you walk is interrelated with how many pounds you lose. Lay emphasis on the time as well.

>>>> 5. Adopt a weight loss timetable. Develop a weekly walking program to make sure you allocate enough time to weight loss.

>>>> 6. In addition to walking, some stretching will also come in handy.

>>>> 7. To establish how much weight you have lost over a certain period of time, keep track by writing down how much you weigh on the scales.

That walking can help you burn some calories is in no doubt. As a matter of fact this is a sure and proven way to make sure you maintain the weight in the long term. 

The Cabbage Soup Diet…Nonetheless, there are ways you can follow if you want to lose weight fast. One of such ways includes adopting crush diets. You will agree with me that it’s almost impossible to talk about crush diets without talking about the cabbage soup diet. So effective is the cabbage diet soup that it has been touted as the ultimate crush diet. 

Does the cabbage soup diet work? This is a question that inevitably pops up every time you talk about cabbage soup diet and weight loss. In reality the soup does actually work and is one of the surest diets you can use to make sure you shed up to 10 pounds in, hear this, 7 days! However, the weight lost is only short term. You can’t lose 10 pounds and hope to maintain that weight if you don’t adopt other healthy living routines. Women who have used cabbage diet soup in the hope that they will maintain the newly gained weight end up with untold frustrations.  

Unknown to them adopting measures like the above outlined walking for weight loss program can ensure they keep their weight in check for a very long time. Other options include eating well balanced diets not to mention quitting bad lifestyle practices like smoking.

Weight Loss Supplements…We can’t run away from the fact that a good number of women are turning to weight loss supplements and shunning other practice like walking for weight loss. This is mainly attributed to that fact that most crush diets (including the cabbage soup diet) are tasteless. 

Despite most doctors warning against use of weight loss supplements there are those supplements that are safe to use with proven results. One of such supplements is green tea. Green tea weight loss program can be an ideal way to shed off extra pounds. However to avoid the risk of running into healthy problems you are better off consulting a doctor first. 

These weight loss tips for women will certainly come in handy for any woman seeking to drop a few pounds in a healthy and safe manner.