When writing an article with eye candy appeal, it's a must to have a good checklist to follow. This checklist is an essential asset to have when starting to write articles for the internet. Whether you are just posting to your small business blog or a personal blog, or you're submitting articles to eHow, Squidoo, or Info Barrel following this checklist will keep writing or shall we say posting into perspective for you:

1. Creating an Eye Candy Headline – Words like Who, What, Where ask as question or numbers like 7, 13, 21, or 50 always intrigue a reader, the reader's emotion draws them into to read further, so just use your strategic keywords with these Eye Candy catchy words into your article's headline. And yes this helps this satisfies the search engine and it also give reader's something to read about. Your headline should jump out and a great headline should almost demand they read your article.

2. Focus on Giving Info AND Not Sell Yourself – Focus on writing an article that answers a question for the reader or gives educational information the reader is seeking. Yes, you are writing an article for marketing to drive more traffic to your website, but don't over-do it. Your articles should provide good information. If you write articles that establish you as an expert in your field, you'll not only get traffic to your site but you'll find that the traffic converts higher too.

3. Focus Your Article on Quality not Quantity – When you focus on writing a quality article with eye candy appeal you will get more traffic than just posting garbage articles that amount to absolutely nothing besides making you look like an idiot in your field. Why? Because if it's good people will repost it to Twitter, Facebook or 1000 of other social networking sites and reference it from their blog posts. If you're using an article spinning tool, go back through and grammar check your spun article? I have gone to blogs that don't take the time to do a grammar check, and they look like absolute fools in my book.

4. Promoting Your Articles to Social Networks - If you're a writer that creates that eye candy headline and back it up with a quality content that captivates the reader, take advantage of spreading your expertise throughout the internet. Too many times I see people write quality articles and only post them on their own blog. You're missing out on the most awesome single benefit you can get from article marketing and that is to put the articles on other people's websites and social networks that love to share.

So this is our must for creating Articles with Eye Candy Appeal, follow this 4-item checklist when writing your articles. I go through these 4 steps each time I start to write an article for a marketing campaign. Use them and you'll be more successful with your article marketing efforts.