The value of business blogs and websites

Business web serversCredit: US Government

The Internet has been in existence for a while now, more than 10 years for general purposes. The underlying technology dates from about 1970. Early commercial Internet adopters made some early web sites then some blogs back in the 1990's. These efforts may still exist or not. Most have changed a lot since those early days. Site owners have realized that a web site was a great marketing tool. It still is only now it is even more important than ever.

You may wonder if it is worth your while to establish your own business web site. After all, you have been in business without one up until now. Maybe your firm has been in the same location, doing the same things earning money for years. Do you really need a web site? Yes. Think of this: what does advertising cost you? If you are lucky enough to avoid marketing costs, then you are lucky indeed. The majority of businesses, however, boost profit by spending money on marketing. An Internet web site can be one of the cheapest, and most effective, advertising tools available to you.

It wasn't always this way. In the beginning, the early web pages were incredibly expensive. Firms found that many sites took many, many hours to develop using notable technology experts. These early efforts were actually quite simplistic considering how much money they cost. Later, technology improved. This allowed more functional sites to be released. These cost more money since the servers were more capable, the developers were more talented and the level of integration required extensive testing and implementation time.

Fast forward to the modern Internet structure. The number of web sites is tremendous. Nearly all companies have a web site. Why don't you? Many potential customers will research choices on the Internet well before they are ready to buy. The consumer is armed with a vast amount of information. If you have local competitors, they may have a web site already. If you don't, ask yourself how much business you are losing to the other firm's site. Of course there is no way for you to know the level of business that you have lost to another company.

If you have waited until now before establishing a business web site, you are in luck. Today, web sites can be created much easier than in the past. As you know, technology advances rapidly. The latest advances have actually made things easier and cheaper for many web sites. While this may seem unbelievable, it is true in many cases.

There is no fancy trick to getting a good web site for your business. The key is to either learn what is needed and do it yourself or use the services of someone who already knows how to do it. In order to get an operational site, you may want to use the following skills and abilities:

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Content serving software
  • Cpanel
  • mySQL
  • FTP

While the list seems complicated, there are ways to simplify it. If you go to HostGator, you will find tools that help you. There you can search for domains that you can register. You can sign up for their hosting services. They have free content services that you can use easily. They have Cpanel, the standard host controlling application for web sites. Their hosting packages offer unlimited mySQL databases. This is often not a necessity for many businesses but it great to have when you need it. Finally, they offer File Transfer Protocol, (FTP), which allows you to transfer many web files to and from your web site easily and quickly. Be sure to use the coupon code "javrsmithgator" in order to take advantage of a great discount available to readers of this article, should you decide to sign up for a hosting package.

If you want to get a basic contact page on the web for your business, you may want to consider the free content services at This site lets you establish a generic site, such as a business card display, quickly. You get a second level web address, something like "". They do offer you the ability to upgrade your address to a first level such as "" if it is available. Generally, however, people using sign up for the second level address. There are also many other upgrades available for these sites. Most users avoid all of these entirely. This is because the site may actually end up being more expensive than a dedicated hosting site.

This brings up the possibility of hiring a dedicated person to establish your web site. Anyone you consider should have knowledge with the technologies required for modern web sites. They should have a background setting up sites. They should understand the differences between dedicated hosting and shared services such as They should also know that Wordpress is both a free hosting platform and a free content management system. There are many other points that your expert should understand. In many cases, you don't need to have a complete list of the person's abilities and experiences. You just need to know that they have used all, or most, of the prevailing technologies. They may have an extensive history using various technologies but many of these may be obsolete.

There is a final factor to consider when you want to get a business web site established. If you want to get your basic contact details published, a free site at Wordpress, or a simple dedicated hosting plan will work great. You can add photos of the business, descriptions of the offered services and many other details that can convey information to potential customers. If you want this and more, such as electronic commerce product delivery, you will need to realize that costs will be substantially higher. They are still much less than they were previously, but they are still significant. Remember, though, that the sophistication possible with modern web sites is a tremendous value for the money when compared with sites from even 5 years ago.

The details are up to you but with some attention to the technology, and possibly some help, you can get a business web site established quickly. You can begin to capture the business opportunities that you have been missing.