What is a budget?  Wikipedia.org defines a budget as a financial plan and a list of all planned expenses and revenues.  It is a plan for saving, borrowing and spending. 

How often have you heard this organization did not budget for this or for that?  Or someone is over their budget?  Have you considered starting or taking a look at your family budget? 

Just as businesses need budgets, so does your family.  The great thing about a family budget is that you do not need to let it control you.  You can decide what you need in your budget. You can take control.

Anton Troianovski of online.wsj.com stated, there are those that have given up their cellphones to cut back on living expenses.  Now not everyone is willing to give up their cellphones. If you are adamant about keeping your cellphones, investigate cellphone options possibly you can get a plan and cellphone that does not cost as much as you presently are paying.    So in balancing your budget you might need to look at other expenses. You may need to make cuts.  Every family is different. If you do not watch your budget, you may discover your budget is controlling you. 

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 A budget is flexible.  It is important to write down on paper, the amount you have coming in (your income) and the amount that is going out (your expenses).  If you do not know this, you may discover that you are overspending and coming up short every month.  You can avoid this and live better. 

Kiplinger.com offers a simple budget for today and tomorrow.  You do not have to let your budget control you, because you have the power to change some of the things in your budget.  Even with fixes expenses such as auto insurance and even health insurance.  You can always investigate other insurance companies, their options and other health options.  You want to find the best options for you and your family.

Possibly you may need to get on the budget plan with your electricity and gas so that you are able to combat those high winter bills or those high air-conditioning bills.  You always have options. 

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  Conserve energy

Possibly in your budget you may want to consider cutting down in your transportation area.  Instead of grocery shopping at two or more stores, just pick one that will have everything you need.

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Instead of taking a vacation every year or twice a year, maybe skip the vacation.   There are many options to not let your budget control you.

Finally, instead of buying your lunch at work, start taking your lunch. This can save you money and possibly be more nutritional meals for you.  Always remember to control your budget and not let it control you. [5507][5508][5509]

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