Are you trying to lose weight? But your spouse or partner is not? Do they sit beside you on the couch in the evening, snacking? Then offer you some?

This is one of the most difficult problems any weight loss program can face. It is hard enough to resist the bowl of candies at work on your way to your desk, or those donuts co-workers bring in, but to come home and relax for your evening, when your will power may be at its weakest, and find your spouse or partner sitting beside you with a big bowl of chips, a pop and a chocolate bar? That can be hard to resist.

You can't expect all your co-workers to change just because you have decided to try a healthier lifestyle, and you can't expect your friends to change their ways either, unless you are all doing this together. At work, you can walk away, keep busy, find something to keep your brain and hands occupied. But to come home after fending off the fatty snack attacks all day and have your spouse sabotage your will power and efforts to get healthy, is the hardest.

You know how it goes... you step on that scale, or you are out of breath running up the stairs, or you just want to get healthy and lose some weight. Whatever motivated you, you have decided that today is the day, you will start eating better and get more exercise and start down that path to a healthier lifestyle.

So, you let your spouse know what your plans are, and they just give you the "deer in the headlights look" and say "good luck with that" and go to the fridge and get their fatty snacks out. So, you try and convince your spouse that it wouldn't hurt for them to follow a better lifestyle and change some of their eating habits, but that falls on deaf ears. If they are not ready for that step yet, there is no amount of nagging that is going to work. But it doesn't mean you can go ahead with your plan. You just need to get creative and plan ahead.

If don't want your spouse to sabotage your weight loss goals, then you are going to have to anticipate problems ahead of time. Don't wait until you are sat beside him watching TV, and be six inches away from a big bowl of chips, and a growly tummy! That is a recipe for disaster, and secretly your spouse may smile, because he probably liked it when you ate these snacks right along with him!

But you need to anticipate the sabotage, whether he means to do it or not. I found the best way to combat the evening munchies, is to start a hobby. This may sound boring, but if you do two things during your evening TV relaxing time, then you will get through it, feel good about it, and start losing weight. First of all you need to take up knitting, cross stitch, or embroidery. Something that takes up both of your hands, and you won't want to get your project dirty with greasy chips.

The next thing you need to do, is exercise during commercials. Get right up and run up and down the stairs, or run on the spot. or lift some weights. Get yourself totally distracted from that sabotaging spouse or partner, and then reward yourself with a 100 calorie popcorn snack, or a small bowl of cereal, such as special K. This way, you still get a treat, rather than have nothing. Maybe this will motivate your spouse to actually move off the couch, like you during commercials, otherwise he has to watch you doing it!

I personally found the hobby to be the most useful, and put on a pot of tea or something, so that you can reach for something once in a while, such as your teacup. But by doing cross stitch especially, you need clean hands, and therefore you are less likely to munch on their fatty snacks. It is not the perfect solution, but it totally helps get you through it. The first thing to keep in mind, is that you should never say NO, to a snack, especially if you are used to snacking in the evening. It can be very difficult to shut that down. Many of the weight loss experts will tell you to close the kitchen after dinner. But if you have had a evening snack habit for years, and a snacking spouse, then this is way too hard and can be a setup for failure.

Keep a snack or two, just trade them in for those 100 calorie ones. There are many on the market now, but I find the popcorn the most filling. This does not mean you can eat ten of them!, just one or two to take the edge off. Do, your exercises during those commercials, and hopefully once your spouse sees how well you are doing with your weight loss program, he or she may decide to change their ways too. If you have one of those skinny spouses that can eat anything, you can explain to them, that unhealthy eating does affect them in other ways. Your energy gets zapped, and you don't feel like doing much with the sugar and fat roller coaster ride, no matter what size you are.

So, before you settle in for an evening of TV, take yourself for a walk around the block after dinner, get any chores done you need to do, then get out your cross stitch or knitting, and get to work. At the first sign of a commercial, get up and move. Get away from the sabotaging spouse, and run up and down the stairs until your show comes back on. Maybe by then they will be done their fatty snacks, and you can have your healthy snacks, and be on the road to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.