A small business strategy provides a high level guideline to activities being accomplished in a business. A necessary part of that strategy is your marketing strategy. Without a marketing strategy, the growth of your business is questionable and the business will be lucky to survive. A marketing strategy will allow the business owner to identify their customer base, clarify what value their products and services provide, define the message they want to communicate to their market base, create a dialogue with future and current customers, and become an engine for business development. Business development would then be a keystone in generating sales and future growth of the business.

It is quite amazing to note that these days many business owners put very little thought into creating their small business strategy. Because information is readily accessible to everybody through the Internet, many business owners think that by launching their website, they had already addressed their business internet marketing needs. Many websites are merely a glorified presentation of a business card on the internet. Although it seems like having a website is required to be considered serious, it is only a small step in getting your name out there. Unlike the real world, a website is not a storefront, generating foot traffic by its mere presence in a strip mall. So, there is much more to be desired when creating an effective marketing strategy.

Similar to real life, a business can use various techniques to drive traffic to their site, in the form of advertisements on the internet. Although it is not the only way to reach visitors, getting them in the door is one thing. But, does the site address the other aspects of a marketing strategy? Does the site provide value to your target market? Is your message clear? What else needs to be done so that a visitor would get hooked in such a way that they would want to continue a dialogue with your business, even if they do not see immediately what they initially came looking for?

When making a decision to create a new website, or redo an old one, a business owner should use that as an opportunity to clarify his small business strategy, specifically his small business marketing strategy. Getting the proper professional assistance is invaluable in this situation not only for the technical assembly of a website, but also for the implementation of a marketing strategy that will make a difference and help the business make more money.