While determining the gender of a baby-to-be by using a baby gender calculator is not a science, there appears to be an overwhelming level of success in accurately identifying a baby’s gender by using a calculator. By identifying a few facts about the time of conception and the mother’s age, this information somehow creates a formula that is relevant to the gender of a child. It is important to note that – while this is not a proven system – a vast amount of parents make use of the calculator. For some parents, its use is one of amusement and excitement surrounding a newly pregnant couple. There are parents, however, who take the calculator very seriously, and even use it to establish a time frame in which they are most likely to conceive the gender of their choice.

Although there are many used, the Chinese calculator is the original gender calculator. The Chinese calculator is actually more of a chart that identifies which gender a mother will produce at any given month throughout her life. The Chinese calculator does not predict any age below eighteen or above forty-five; and there is no scientific data that proves the calculator is accurate. However, there are vast instances where couples have had success in accurately determining the gender of their expected offspring by using the baby gender calculator.

In addition to the Chinese calculator, there are many others available online. Many that are offered online involve a quick input of data and an immediate prediction. They are mostly free to use and provide an answer within seconds. There are others that are considerably more elaborate. These detailed calculators are more in the form of a book or a program. For couples who know whether they want a boy or girl, these types of programs can provide assistance in planning for the optimum dates of conception.

For many, there mere concept that there is some divine process governing the outcome of a pregnancy, provides sufficient reason to invest the time and attention it takes to follow the laws of that process. The belief in the accuracy of this practice is no different than the belief in astrology or any other prediction system based on the stars, lunar cycle, or alignment of the planets. For parents who have counted on the information provided by the calculator, their conception of the gender for which they had planned, only compounded their faith in the system’s ability to succeed.

If you are planning on using a calculator to predict the gender of your baby, or as a fertilization tool; you need to know that formulas vary. Many of the calculators online request the mother’s age and the month in which the child will be born. A handful of other calculators require the month of conception. Use your instincts to determine what is right for you. Look around online and gather plenty of information so that you can make an informed decision about that which suits you the best. Finding a baby gender calculator you feel you can trust plays a large role in your level of comfort.