What is article marketing?

Article marketing refers to the art of writing articles in order to promote a product and service. Article marketing is successful when the readers click on the links to buy the recommended products and services.

Does article marketing work?

If you take a look at the article directories, you can see the constant publishing of new articles. Bear in mind that these writers do not earn from submitting the articles. They do not even earn from the Google ads displayed with the article.

They earn only when readers buy the products.

If article marketing does not work, nobody will publish the articles in article directories anymore.

What are the article marketing strategies?

1. Limited information

Many people will tell you that writing informative articles is part of the article marketing strategies.

You need to avoid articles that are full of empty words. However, there is no need to provide too much information.

If your articles contain everything that the readers want to know, they do not see the need to click on the link to view the product or service.

It is a delicate balance to write informative articles without telling too much.

2. Quantity

All marketers will tell you to write more articles.

The quantity of articles is another part of the article marketing strategies.

Some writers have more than 23000 articles, yet they are still adding more articles every day.

If you really want to make article marketing works, you need to write at least 3000 articles a year. It is best to have a hundred articles promoting the same product.

3. Keyword selection

Keyword selection is the best kept secret of the articles marketing strategies.

Do you know the difference between "how to get your ex back" and "how to get my ex back"? the difference is just one word. However, the difference in the conversion rate is huge. "How to get my ex back" converts better than "How to get your ex back".

That is why it is important to write articles based on these two set of keywords. You can compare the sales generated from the articles.

Many writers select a few keyword phrases in order to write a few articles. For example, they use "article marketing" for one article. They rewrite the content completely with another keyword "bum marketing".

You can try "weight loss", "dieting" and "losing weight" for promoting a dieting product. You can write one article, and rewrite it completely with different keyword phrases.

That is the reason why some writers can write 30 articles a day. They do not need to spend time on research, since they are essentially rewriting the same thing over and over again.

4. Submission

Submission of the same article to different websites is another part of the article marketing strategies.

Some writers upload the same article to ten different article directories. They know that the autoblogs will pick up the articles. That means more exposure, and more sales.

Some writers use the manual article spinner to change the usage of the words. Some writers do not even rewrite the content.

5. Statistics

You need to pay attention to the statistics in order to know which article performs better in term of conversion.

If the click through rate is less than 10%, that means your article marketing strategies do not work. Many marketers have a record of 20% to 40% click through rate.

The conversion rate is another important factor. It does not matter how many readers click to the website of the merchants, the most important thing is that they buy the product.

If the conversion rate is low, that means you make a mistake in product selection. You must choose a product that sells. You need to analyze the website of the vendors to make sure that the sales pitch is effective.

Does article marketing work? It certainly works for many super affiliate marketers. If you cannot generate a single sale out of a hundred articles, you need to analyze your

article marketing strategies.