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Shoppers only need to read one Farfetch review to discover that this company does not offer free shipping. Logistically, it would be very difficult for Farfetch to offer free shipping so they must charge their clients for shipping costs. However, there may sometimes be exceptions to this rule so shoppers should check the Farfetch website before placing an order to see if the company is offering any special shipping deals.

Farfetch allows its members to shop from numerous different specialized boutiques that are located in various parts of the world, and because they ship items from so many different merchants from so many different countries, it would be virtually impossible for them to offer free shipping very often.

What Is Farfetch?

Farfetch is an online market where shoppers can explore the offerings of independent boutiques from around the world as well as a wide selection of designer clothing and accessories. Shopping at Farfetch is perfect for people who love niche designs, emerging fashions, and items that they simply cannot find anywhere else. One Farfetch review points out that the advantage of Farfetch is that it allows shoppers to experience boutiques that they would not be able to reach without the internet, and it allows boutiques to reach clients that they would not be able to reach on their own.

Cost of Shipping From Farfetch

The cost of shipping when a shopper orders something from Farfetch varies, says one author of a Farfetch review. This company ships to fashionable shoppers from around the world, and shipping costs are largely dependent upon where the shopper lives and where the boutique they are shopping from is located. Canadian and American shoppers can look forward to paying the lowest shipping costs when they order from boutiques that are located in their home countries. These items have shipping fees that start as low as $7 and go as high as $20 in Canada and as high as $75 in the United States. The highest numbers are really only relevant for shoppers who have bought large or heavy items or for shoppers who are having multiple items sent from multiple boutiques.

When American shoppers order items from European countries like Austria, Belgium, Sweden, the United Kingdom, they can often have their orders shipped for fees that start around $20.

Shipping Information

Although Farfetch does charge shoppers for shipping, their fees are worth it according to more than one Farfetch review. They ship through respectable shipping agents like DHL and UPS. Thanks to the systems that these shippers have in place, shoppers can easily track the status of their Farfetch order. When shoppers look at their Farfetch purchase after they have ordered it, they will see when the payment has been approved, when the order is ready to ship, when the order ships, and finally when the order is delivered. They can even use the tracking number that Farfetch gives them to check their delivery with DHL or UPS.

Returns and Cancellations

One person who wrote a Farfetch review extolled the virtues of their easy to use cancellation and return system. She claimed that Farfetch allows shoppers to cancel their order up to the moment that it is processed. Unfortunately, shoppers cannot cancel their purchase after that time, but they can return the purchase once they receive it.

Making a return with Farfetch is simple. They offer free returns from anywhere in the world, and more than one Farfetch review claims that their return process really is as easy as it claims to be. From start to finish, shopping at Farfetch is an incredible experience, and the shipping fees are well worth it.