Miami Dentist Ted Herrmann Shares Experience as Holistic Dental Professional

Today, families have many options available when it comes to finding a dentist or dental practice that will keep the whole family healthy. Perhaps most exciting is the emergence of the holistic dentist. Dental professionals who take a holistic approach view the teeth and gums as part of the larger body system, recognizing that lifestyle and total body wellness have a significant impact on the health of the teeth and gums.

Not to be confused with "new age" health advisors, holistic dentists are certified and licensed professionals who have additional certifications and training in nutrition, emotional health, advanced biology, and other sciences that provide in-depth understanding of human health. They are capable of providing the same treatment and procedures, however these professionals deliver a richer patient experience by also focusing on nutrition, elimination of toxins, stress reduction, and cosmetics, to name a few.

The first way holistic professionals differ from conventional dentists is through applied nutrition. Holistic dental practitioners believe the teeth and gums are representative of total body health. Ailments, both physical and mental, express themselves through the oral tissues. Thus, these dental professionals help patients find a nutrition plan that will have them feeling well while also promoting physical wellness. Finding foods that nourish the body, deliver essential minerals to the teeth, and balance the body's alkalinity level are all fundamental pieces of the equation.

Of course, a balanced diet does little good if the body is bombarded by toxins. To achieve optimal total body wellness, including fortified teeth and strong gums, one must consciously avoid environmental toxins. Holistic dentists help patients identify such toxins and take steps to proactively avoid them. Learning which fruits and vegetables are most rigorously treated with dangerous GMOs and pesticides, for example, empowers patients to choose healthier alternatives. This is particularly important for vegetarians, vegans, and individuals on the Paleo Diet, since each of the aforementioned lifestyles rely heavily on fruits and vegetables.

In addition to eating well and reducing exposure to toxins, a third critical element of achieving holistic health and dental wellness is the recognition that mental, physical, and emotional health are all interrelated. Holistic professionals understand this fact, and many have training and additional certifications that assist in diagnosing specific conditions. This is a big plus for patients, because it can save them money over time. Whereas a conventional dentist might drill and fill the cavity of a stressed out single mom, a holistic practitioner can help the patient understand how stress affects eating habits, self image, and hygiene. Tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues are often the result of stress; by helping patients understand how lifestyle causes poor dental health, holistic dentists can help them steer clear of future restorative procedures by learning to recognize stress, treat it, keep a balanced diet, and maintain a goods oral hygiene regimen.

Ever aware of the relationship between mental and physical health, holistic dental professionals also offer safe cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums. Such cosmetic dental improvements can have a positive impact on confidence and self image, prompting patients to smile, laugh, and enjoy life more frequently. In turn, patients experience a more positive and healthy day-to-day lifestyle that ultimately improves physical health. Specifically, a positive disposition and low levels of stress have both been correlated with reductions in blood pressure, hypertension, and anxiety. Safe cosmetic procedures offered by holistic dentists can include mercury-free white composite fillings, bio-compatible titanium tooth implants, minimally invasive orthodontics, and safe teeth whitening procedures.  

Though a bit more expensive than a visit to a regular dentist, a holistic dental professional has the knowledge and expertise needed to create healthy teeth and gums that will last a lifetime. Holistic dentistry treats the entire body, not just the oral tissues. Patient education is highly regarded by most practitioners, as it helps the patient make healthy lifestyle choices that are nourishing on a mental, emotional, and physical level.