The Healthiest Weight Loss Foods Don't Have to be Expensive

It's Easy to Incorporate Healthy Foods Tips into Your Diet

These days, many people feel that foods that provide healthier options are sold at a more expensive price than less healthier foods. Every fast food restaurant has a bevy of meals you can buy for less than four dollars and a bag of chips costs a dollar. But, is there a way to have the healthiest diet possible and stay on a strict budget?

In all actuality, if you were to tally up the costs of making a healthy baked chicken breast dinner with broccoli and potatoes as side dishes and measure it up against the cost of your favorite fast food meal, the differences in price would be very comparable. One of the problems people encounter when they rationalize that healthy food is too expensive is portion control. Fast food chains provide gargantuan portions of food that is nutritionally empty. However, the aforementioned chicken dinner is packed full of nutrients in a much smaller serving than folks these days are used to eating.

Fast food fare also rates high on the glycemic index. What does this mean? Well, essentially it means that high glycemic foods are turned into sugar in your bloodstream very quickly and your metabolism burns through it very fast, which provides quick bursts of energy that do not last very long. Healthy foods that contain fiber and protein are low on the glycemic index. These foods take longer to digest and the energy from them enters your bloodstream at a slower pace, providing a more even, sustained energy source. You simply do not need to eat and restore your energy reserves as often when you eat nutritious, higher quality food.

Wean yourself off of fast food by replacing at least one meal a day with healthier fast food choices or by cooking your own meals. Instead of getting a bacon burger combo for lunch, take 30 minutes the night before to prepare some chicken breast and a vegetable you like. Pack it in a plastic container or lunchbox and take it to work or school for lunch. It doesn't always have to be chicken, either. You can try turkey, lean pork, seafood or even the growing selection of soy and veggie burgers your grocer has to offer.

You say you don't like the taste of vegetables? No problem! These days, grocery stores have loads of marinades, sauces, herbs and spice mixtures to keep your taste buds happy while you improve your nutrition and do something good for your body. Food does not have to be high in fat and sugar to be delicious, but you will have to take the time to experiment with different tastes to find out what you like best. Eating healthy is a conscious decision that you have to take seriously and make an effort towards. Sure, it may not be as simple as pulling up to your favorite drive through and pulling off with ready-made food minutes later, but healthy eating will lead you towards a longer life and less health problems down the road. We all want to live long, happy lives and suffer from as few health conditions when we are older as possible. When you look at things from that perspective, the cost of eating better certainly outweighs the cheap convenience of unhealthy foods.