The Beginning
I started the journey to eating healthy and trying to minimize exposure to toxins about 18 years ago. I admittedly did not make much progress in the early years because I didn’t have as much exposure to great information like I do today. It all began in Seattle when a little Vitamin, Supplements & Natural Products store opened called Seattle Super Supplements now shortened to just “Super Supplements”.  They gave away a book on the different uses for herbs for healing as an introductory offer. The book was helpful in starting my thinking about natural remedies and the staff was and still is to this day very knowledgeable about health and makes great recommendations. The most useful to date is the use of concentrated Elderberry syrup for fighting colds. It works better than any of the other things I’ve tried and I am thankful for the suggestion. There are supplements and herbal tinctures that are excellent but the first and best line of defense is actually food. Healthy food, grown in good, nutrient rich soil that is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics and growth hormones i.e. organic, will save you from a host of health problems.

Why Eat Healthy
You only live once. The quality of the life you live especially as you get older is very intimately related to what you put into your body. To increase energy and minimize health problems eating well is one of the keys. For starters it actually does taste better contrary to what we have been raised to believe. I’m sure you’ve heard some form of “If it tastes bad it must be good for you” well that is part of the perception about food or should I say deception about food that pervades the Western mind. In fact healthy food like fresh vine ripened tomatoes or fresh new potatoes or garden grown sweet basil is all very delicious not to mention grass fed beef or free range, growth hormone free chicken. All of the above taste much better than the food artificially enhanced and processed and has many more nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. So if you think, “If it taste bad then it must be healthy” then you have not been eating at the right places. Or your taste buds may be skewed by lifetime of food full of high-fructose corn syrup and neurotoxin food enhancers like MSG.  Even some foods that might need an “acquired taste” I would argue that you are simply getting back the taste buds that you were born with and that will actually lead you on the path of life.
It was frustrating watching the Health Care debates in spring of 2010 because everyone seemed to be focused on the wrong thing. It should not be about how to insure everyone it should be about how to help everyone be healthier to begin with. The spiraling cost of Health Care in America is because we have a nation of people who are under-nourished and over exposed to toxins of various forms. Until we deal with the issue of treating core problems instead of just symptoms we will not make significant progress. And that is very difficult when the majority of our Doctors have little to no education about nutrition. So eating healthy is not just a good idea it may well be one of the keys for saving or nations economy. But I will save that topic for another time. For you it means quality of life and once your tastes adjust to food that is real and living you will actually have more enjoyable culinary experiences and more energy and less disease.

Baby Steps
Don’t try to change your entire diet and eating habits over night. It won’t work and your will end up frustrated. Just start with implementing one or two things at a time. I started with two things, I stopped eating pork and I starting to have a Green Drink every day. Becoming aware of the knowledge that Pork no matter how cooked it is has lots of parasites and therefore is not good for you in several different ways made me say “hey even if it tastes good why eat it?”  Do I never ever eat pork? On occasion I will have some bacon or ham because it is pretty tasty. But I eat far less than I used to and I never buy grill-able pork like I used to.
The second thing which I did because it was easy, non-time consuming and very good for you was to start having a green drink every morning. There are several great products out there just make sure it is one that has a good combination of Chlorella, Blue Green Algae, Wheat and Barley grasses etc. Not only do they give you nutrients your body desperately needs but they improve the flora and fauna in your digestive tract help improve all kinds of health issues. So keep it simple and take small steps consistently over time. And as for cost, it may be a bit more expensive in the short term but it is far far less expensive in the long term both for you personally and for society at large. There would not be a health care crisis that costs billions if we not strayed from wisdom about food that has existed for millennia.

Continuing to Learn
A great book on food is “The Makers Diet” by Jordan Ruben to give an overall understanding about diet and why certain foods are healthy or not.
There are several good documentaries that I have watched on Netflix such as. Food Inc., Food Matters and The Future of Food to name a few.
And if you want to start growing your own, which not only give you fresh nutritious food but also exercise and satisfaction of seeing things grow then I recommend “All New Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew. I am trying it right now and it is both easy and fun.

Nothing worthwhile is easy at first but there are few things more satisfying than the process of learning how to eat and live healthy. You improve the quality of life for you and your family and experience blessing both internally and externally i.e. cellular as well as taste bud, smell and spice endorphin euphoria. So start today. It is an educational as well as a lifestyle process and experience. You can do it and you will be glad that you did!