If you've been looking for a challenging, fun and rewarding way to get in shape, then look no further than Tony Horton's P90X Extreme Home Fitness workout program! This revolutionary new workout plan will have you sweating instantly upon performing each of the scheduled activities, and will get you in the best shape of your life! If you've got a intermediate level of fitness already, then this is the type of training program you'll want to try to take yourself to that next level. Continue reading for more information on how P90X works to help you shed pounds, tone up, build muscle, and get that lean beach body you've always wanted!

P90X is the latest workout creation of fitness experts and personal trainers including Tony Horton. They've designed a brand new training program that will really whip its participants into shape. With normal training routines, your body tends to get used to the workouts, and therefore hits a plateau where you're failing to achieve results. In this particular challenging series of workouts, known as P90X, Tony introduces you to the concept of "muscle confusion", with the idea being to constantly introduce your body to new types of workouts so they will achieve peak results.

So what exactly do you get in the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Package? Your P90X package includes a set of 12 DVD's, a 3-phase nutrition plan, a calendar for tracking your workout progress, a detailed fitness guide and free online access to support and other options. Each of the twelve DVD's contains a different challenging workout, whether it be for working out your core, abs, a yoga routine, back and chest, biceps or plyometrics. You won't be able to get all of this from a gym personal trainer alone, because you'll pay them by the hour for weeks and months to acheive results. In this instance you buy these revolutionary workouts, lead by personal trainer Tony Horton himself on DVD's, and the program is designed to get you in great shape in just three months.

So if you're asking does P90X workout program work, the answer is easily, yes. That's if you are disciplined and take the plan seriously. If you follow the guidelines of the training and nutrition, you're going to see amazing results in 3 months time. The P90X training system is definitely worth your time and investment if you really are looking to push your fitness and physique to that next level. It'll have you sweating, groaning and in pain, but that's when the best results come. No pain no gain, right? At the same time you'll be having fun, developing new physical skills, flexibility, coordination and muscles while learning to have a more healthy diet too!