Ever heard of "The Law of Attraction"?  I hadn't until I watched a self help documentary called, "The Secret". 

The law of attraction is a theory that the universe will make happen what you focus your thoughts on.  For example, if you focus on becoming wealthy and successful, you will eventually become wealthy and successful.  If you focus on being poor, never achieving your goals, never finding love, you're going to receive just that.

After I finished watching the documentary, I researched more about the theory online, and discovered tons of people are getting rich by selling this propaganda.  

This "theory" is basic psychology with a sci-fi, new-age allure that wide-eyed, green-by-trend idiots just can't help but cling to.  I don't hate the theory itself, but I do hate that people are literally buying into it.      


Before we dig deeper, here are the basic laws of the "Law of Attraction";

  • Figure out exactly what you want out of life. (duh)
  • Keep a positive mental outlook-Focus on what you do want to happen to you.
  • Be grateful for what you already have.
  • Set small, achievable goals and work hard to make them happen.
  • Ask the Universe to make your wishes come true, and be very clear that you want, for example; a playboy playmate(in my case, a nice new rack so I can look like one), a few million dollars, and a mansion..
  • Really believe that your playmate(or rack), million dollar check, and the keys to your mansion is on its way. 
  • Visualize-Pretend like those things are already yours, and constantly carry that feeling with you. (I stuffed my bra)


It sure would be great if the universe was some infinite all-knowing genie.  It sounds so magical!  


 You should have more faith in the human brain than a ridiculous universe genie theory. 

Figuring out what you want in life is crucial to getting what you want.  If you're unclear about what you want to achieve or acquire, you'll sit in life limbo at a dead-end job, living paycheck to paycheck until you're, well, dead.  

Keeping a positive mental outlook is essential to becoming successful.  If you don't believe you'll attain success, you'll never even attempt to.  Optimistic people go after what they want because they believe it can happen.  If you have a negative outlook in life you won't see the positive because you've trained your brain not to.

Being grateful for what you have is just an extension of positivity.  Doing that keeps you from concentrating on your crappy car/job/apartment/whatever, and getting depressed.  Depressed people aren't productive or driven.  

And finally, the sci-fi twist;

Ask your Universe Genie for what you want.  After asking, believe with all your heart that your dreams will magically manifest, and then visualize yourself already having what you asked for.  Yeah, sure, those steps can help motivate and inspire you.  Visualizing already having the life you want can make you want it even more.  This isn't the disney channel.  This is earth.  Stop it.  Yes, it is wonderful to know exactly what you want and even to daydream about having it, but the best way to get the life you want is to work for it.  These last 3 steps, in my opinion, are a waste of time and buying into it will get you picked on by pretty much everyone who took psych 101 in high school.  

Don't spend your precious time waiting and wishing.  Get focused, think positive, and work hard.