Ask writers if they think writing web content is a worthwhile pursuit in creating a writing career and you will receive answers from both sides of the fence. Writers, whether they write for the web or not, will defend their position vehemently. Every time the argument comes up, it always boils down to dollars on one side of the controversy and exposure on the other. So it seems the question is which one is better?

This is actually a trick question – the "are you for me or against me" type of question. You don't have to pick a side. Sometimes there is beauty, and even reward, in compromise. Writers need exposure to interest people in reading their work, and most writers need money to pursue their career.

Just a decade or so ago, writers would gain exposure by submitting articles or stories to what are known as "little" magazines. The pay was terrible, if there even was any, but the exposure and resume plug was the real reward. Very few writers hit the big time as quickly as Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. The majority work hard for many years before reaching "overnight success," but we barely hear about their struggles to get published.

Today's writers need to admit that technology has created a new world; one where marketing isn't about business cards, cold calls, and unsolicited manuscripts. Sure, you can still send your manuscripts out, but there is still that little thing called experience. Remember, you need a job to get experience…but you need experience to get a job. How does that work?

For today's writers, web content can be the answer, but only part of it. The pay usually isn't great; many writers who are new to web content, but not traditional publishing, usually groan when they hear pay rates of eight dollars for 500 words, but surely they published for that, or less, when first starting out. If you do write content you will gain experience and exposure. The bonus us you also get practice at your craft.

No one gets rich writing content, but if it is combined with a solid understanding of how to use the Internet marketing many can pay the rent. The exposure gained through marketing can be tremendous, and lead those looking for content or new books to your doorstep. Writing content does pay, but like anything else, the return is based on the amount of work put into the job.