As an aging woman and a mother, I am trying to make better choices about the foods I consume and buy for my son. I am extremely cautious about reading labels and avoiding food products that contain trans fat. This searching of trans fat began when I was sitting in my grandmother's kitchen eating a snowball, yummy! My uncle, who is a physician asked me how many grams of trans fat it contained. That particular brand didn't have any, much to his surprise. He then explained to me just how horrible this fat is for the body. Since I've always make sure the products I buy are trans fat free.

So when out shopping in the grocery store, I pay special attention to cookies, cakes, chips and snack type food. I have learned in my efforts that most packaged cake frosting have some trans fat in them, as does many pastry products. I've even become the trans fat police, telling my mom to stop eating those horrible creme filled horns. Stating that they have 3 grams of trans fat in each and everyone-- that is unless you buy them at such and such store, because theirs doesn't. She gets so angry at me, saying that she loves them and can't stop eating them.

Want some popcorn with that trans fat?

Me and my son have been eating microwave popcorn at night. Of course my thinking is, it's crunchy, packs some volume and is better than snacking on potato chips. Well, it would be even better to eat the natural, air-popped, but a little butter is ok. It's not like we are eating the butter buster, movie theater, triple decker butter or anything. As the popcorn popped I was inclined to read the calories on the box. Not that big of deal calorie wise, could do much better on the fat content, but to my surprise, 6 grams of TRANS FAT!!!

I thought at first I had misread, that I lined the values up wrong. This product had more trans fat than saturated fat. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had been poisoning my child with this horrible product that I thought was better for him than chips. I had been eating it myself, thinking I was doing my body some good. Truth is, I would have been better off eating the cake. It's not recommended that anyone eat over 2 grams of trans fat a day. Some days, on an empty stomach I would eat the entire bag. That is 18 grams total of TRANS FAT! Oh, it's like a dirty word to my ear.

I immediately stopped the microwave and pulled the bag of 1/2 popped kernels out. Tossed it in the trash with the remaining 4 packages in the box. That is one label I'll be checking out from now on.