Backlinking Your Infobarrel Articles is Important

Backlinks help Google find you

Now that you are an Infobarrel author and you have published some articles, you should backlink on other sites to improve your statistics. A backlink is an HTML reference to your article that is published on a site other than Infobarrel. When someone reads your content on another site, they will see your link to your Infobarrel article. They may follow the link and continue reading your Infobarrel content. While this helps people find your content, it is important for Google and other search engines as well.

The Google search algorithm is defined to increase the relative importance of a particular page partly based on the number of other Internet pages that link to it. This concept is known as "Pagerank". While the specifics are guarded by Google as a trade secret, there is little doubt that by having pages reference your Infobarrel article, your pagerank is increased. Importantly, your page may not ever be discovered if it is not linked to at least one other page. By establishing backlinks, you are ensuring that your Infobarrel article can be found by search engines, that the pagerank is increased and that interested readers can visit and read your content.

Backlinks are most useful if they are established on "Dofollow" sites. This is a popular misnomer, however. A "Dofollow" site is one that does not add "Nofollow" to HTML page references. Many sites, such as Twitter, add "Nofollow" to any links established by members. This clause instructs search engines to ignore the HTML link by not following it to the target page. As a result, your Infobarrel content does not benefit from such links. The backlink is still useful on nofollow sites but only as a way to have human readers click on your link which takes them to Infobarrel.

Backlinks are best if they originate on web sites that are more highly ranked by search engines. This concept is quite straightforward. An article on an unknown site that links to your Infobarrel article is ranked less than a link from a more popular site. In this way, higher pagerank sites pass on higher link authority to your Infobarrel articles. As an author wishing to get content ranked well, you should find high quality sites on which to establish your backlinks.

Infobarrel is rated as a pagerank 4 out of 10 site. As an author, you should establish links to your articles on sites that rank as high as possible. Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent sites that you can choose that will help your backlink ranking. Here are some that you may want to consider: - this site offers you the ability to earn Google Adsense funds when people visit your articles, (known as hubs). The site is nofollow at first but by posting a few hubs, you are upgraded and your links become dofollow. - this site offers you the ability to earn money through their compensation program. You may also post your own affiliate links for potential profit. The articles, (lenses), are ranked each month based on several factors such as popularity and sales performance. The top 2000 are ranked in tier 1 and receive a large payment per month. The next 6000 or so lenses are in tier 2 and they receive a few dollars each month. The next several thousand are in tier 3 and they receive a small amount of revenue. If a viewer should happen to purchase an item while viewing your lens, a commission is paid to you regardless of the ranking of your lens. All Squidoo links are dofollow and each lens is allowed to link up to 9 times to the same domain, (for example Infobarrel). - a bookmark site that is quick to use for backlinks to your Infobarrel article. No facility is offered to generate revenue for your account.

Redgage - a site that is quick to use.  You can post blog entries with more descriptive content or simple links to your Infobarrel articles. The site pays members for their content based on a payment schedule of about 60 cents per thousand page views. Members can also upload photographs to the site in order to increase their revenue earning potential.

Shetoldme - a site that offers members the ability to quickly post a link to an Infobarrel article. Each link can be entered with a short description. Your own Adsense ID can be added to your member profile which allows you to potentially earn revenue from the site.

There are many other sites that you can use for your backlinks. Some of them are nofollow so you will want to avoid those. Some offer you the ability to include your Google Adsense ID. This may help you generate income. You may also find that some sites, like Triond, have peculiar content judging rules which may block your publishing efforts. Other sites require you to publish several articles before you are deemed worthy to use all of the site features. Still other sites have free, limited use memberships and more capable paid options. Beware of all of these site particulars and use the ones that you feel comfortable with.

To simplify your backlink efforts, you should use Redgage, Folkd, Shetoldme, Squidoo and Hubpages, in that order. This will quickly establish 5 quality backlinks to your Infobarrel article. You can then explore other web sites for backlinks as well.

Don't forget to use your other Infobarrel articles for links, too. If you have another article with a related topic, you may link it to your new article. You can even publish similar, related material on Infobarrel with the intent to link the articles together. There are no limits to the number of links to Infobarrel articles from within Infobarrel. Setting up a series of related articles is a good way to establish a topic as your own. Be aware, however, that links from within Infobarrel are not valued as high by Google when your article pagerank is determined.

As a final note, when you are establishing your backlinks, do not copy your material to the other sites. Content duplication is becoming a big problem on the Internet as is plagiarism. By writing totally new content for each of your backlink articles, you minimize the problems that you may experience. Even if copied content is allowed today, it may not be in the future. Worse still, Google may determine that your Infobarrel article is of poor quality based on duplication and you could be removed from the Google index entirely. These risks aren't worth it and are easily avoided by providing new, unique content in your backlink article.