Many lucky pets are treated like children and have all the latest gadgets out there, to have the best life possible.

If you love to pamper your pet, especially your dog, with dog accessories, then here are a list of some of the latest gadgets that just might help your dog (there are also many products and gadgets for cats too!) and you spend quality time together.

pet ramp

Dog Ramps make great Dog Accessories

If you love to take your dog for a ride in the car, van or truck, and you just can't lift him in, and he is having trouble getting in, then don't let that spoil the occasion, you can purchase doggy ramps. These dog accessories, allow your dog, especially an older or larger dog to get into the vehicle, or even down from the deck in your yard, rather than using the stairs.

Purse Carriers are Great Dog Accessories

pet purse carrier

If you have a smaller dog, that you love to pamper, and love to take everywhere with you, you can purchase special dog carriers that look like purses to carry your special pooch in. My friend had one of these, as her dog only weighs 3 pounds. She found it really useful if she was taking her dog for a walk, and when he tired she could continue walking but carry him in this purse carrier.

Front Carrier

front pet carrier

If you have a tiny puppy or dog and want to take him with you everywhere or want to take him to the park and it will tire him to get to the park, you can carry him in these front carriers, just like a baby rather than a dog purse. This is easier on your back as long as the puppy is not too large, and he will feel comfortable against your body.

Boots, Great Dog Accessories in the bad Weather

dog boots

If you like to take your dog out for a walk, then you know what a mess it can be for their feet after a snow storm. Many dogs react to salt from the roads, and this can burn and dry out their pads on their feet. To pamper you dog, you can purchase boots for him, and try and get him used to using them before the bad weather starts. It is nice to be able to take your dog out with you, and put on his boots and coat just like you.

Bling Dog Accessories

pet bling

You can get custom made dog collars, leashes, coats, vests, hats and more. Many of these items are available online, or you can have them made. No matter what type of bling you get your dog for accessories, it is always good to have a name tag with your information on it in case he gets lost, but it doesn't have to be ugly, you can get all kinds of cute metal tags printed with your information and his.

Seat Belts for the Car

This is a great safety idea. If you have to stop fast, your dog could become a projectile that will hurt him and you. This is also a good way to keep your precious dog from distracting you while driving, which could cause an accident. This is one dog accessory you should consider if you drive with your dog.

If you have a dog, no matter what size, or breed, you know the unconditional love they will give you. They don't judge you and are great companions, so if you want to spend some money and pamper your pet, there are lots of dog accessories and gadgets out there that can make his life that much better, and possibly easier for you, especially if you dog is getting up there is years.