Have you ever watched a movie such as Beethoven on TV and wondered how you could get your pet into the wonderful world of show business? Is your pet such a star that you think he or she could be the next big thing on your favorite Disney. If that's maybe a bit too far why not put your dog forward in a TV commercial, start off small then go for the block busters later. Believe it or not it's easier than you think to get your dog into acting. I know it's sounds strange but there are places out there who are interested in your dog and taking it in to train it properly for a life on TV. I bet you never thought you could see your dogs name in lights!

Dog Actors

First of all you have to make sure your dog is obedient and well behaved. If your dog is the local tearaway who terrorises the kids in your neighbourhood then he or she is probably not going to be a star! I can just image a director giving your puppy instructions as it runs off with the production crews lunch! Secondly, it helps if you have a cute dog. This for me is always a bone (get it?) of contention. Much like babies everyone thinks their dog is cute. Here's a reality check for you, they're not! Some are but most aren't. So if possible try and ask an impartial third party what they think of your dog. Make sure it's someone who'll have the guts to tell you what they really think or you might end up spending a lot of money for no reason. There's nothing worse than being led up the wrong path so if a friend comes and asks you if they have a cute dog, be truthful but try not to hurt their feelings at the same time.

Dog actors may also need an agent to represent their best interests. You have to think about them in much the same way as you would a child and an agent will help you get the best deal for your dog. I mentioned earlier that only obedient dogs need apply. This would include dogs who know the basic commands such as sitting, rolling over and coming when you call them. These dog acting agencies won't be interested in a unruly furry character! There's also agencies in place to make sure your dog is treated humanely at all times on set. This will make sure your dog gets the same level of care it would at home and won't be worked too hard. An agent is the most likely way that you will find work for your dog as they have all the necessary contacts in the business. They usually work on the basis that you pay them once for the year and they will represent your pup in any negotiations. So first stop is to get your dog a good agent. From then on in you should find it easier to get work but only if your pup has that special talent that someone is looking for. If it doesn't happen straight away don't get discouraged, no one makes it big in Hollywood overnight! Your pet can be one of the many famous dog actors!