The parasite most dog owners think about are fleas. But sometimes there are an awful lot more horrible pests biting our pets, in which case we need a more far reaching dog flea treatment such as K9 Advantix for dogs.

Flea control is an automatic purchase for most dog owners. But sometimes there are other, equally irritating and possibly more dangerous parasites biting our pets. Biting flies, ticks, lice and mosquitoes all feed from our dogs, and all bring with them stress, irritation and sometimes diseases too. Dog Advantix flea drops are able to tackle all these pests. So if your dog is being attacked by a wide range of parasites maybe K9 Advantix for dogs is the solution.

What is K9 Advantix for Dogs?

K9 Advantix dog medicine is a topical flea treatment produced by Bayer, who also make the widely used Advantage flea medicine for dogs and cats. Bayer have taken the flea killing power behind Advantage (Imidacloprid) and added another ingredient (Permethrin) to make this flea killer potent against far more pests.

Used in combination these two ingredients target different parts of the insect's nervous system, overwhelming them quickly causing paralysis and swift death.

What Does K9 Advantix Do?

Used once a month as a topical 'spot on' dog flea treatment, K9 Advantix offers 30 days free from fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes and biting flies.

K9 Advantix dog treatment both kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Lice are quickly killed and biting flies are repelled.

Is There a Cat Advantix Product?

Unfortunately the permethrin contained in dog Advantix medicine is not metabolised by cats, so there is no way to control this wide range of pests on our feline pets.

Does Your Dog Need K9 Advantix?

It is always sensible not to over-medicate our pets so if mosquitoes and biting flies are not a problem choose a milder product such as Advantage (to control fleas only) or Frontline for dogs (to eliminate both fleas and ticks).

Dogs living in places where mosquitoes or biting flies are problematic will definitely benefit from using dog Advantix flea drops. If these flying pests are only a seasonal problem it may be more economical to use another dog flea treatment during the colder months and switch to K9 Advantix only when things warm up.

Although dog Advantix flea drops are highly effective at both repelling and destroying mosquitoes it is not considered a guaranteed method of preventing heartworm disease (which is transmitted by mosquitoes). It will minimise your pets chances of getting the problem but the makers will not guarantee that no single mosquito bites your pet, and that one bite is all it takes to contract heartworms. So, if heartworm is problematic in your area you may need to use a heartworm pill too.

Dog Advantix flea, tick, mosquito, lice and biting fly medicine is available from any good pet pharmacist without the need for a prescription. If buying online be sure to price check, as the largest stores tend not to offer the best discounts.