If you love to hike and go for long walks with your dog, then why not have your dog carry a dog backpack?

There are many uses for a dog backpack, and some trainers use them and recommend them for very active or anxious dogs. Most dogs love a backpack once they get used to it, and feel like they have a job to focus on.

There have been many testimonials by people who say that their dogs who were once "runners" when off the leash, ended up with great "by their side dogs" when they carried a dog backpack.

Whether you would like your dog to carry a few items for your hike to save on your backpack, or whether you want to train and get your dog more exercise with a dog backpack, there are a few rules you should follow.

Just like us humans, they should not carry weight in their dog backpack that is too large. The rule of thumb is to not carry more than 10% of their body weight. So if you have a 40 pound dog, you should not carry more than 4 pounds in the dog backpack, and that would mean 2 pounds on each side.

Dog Backpack - How Much Weight To Carry!dog backpack

Dog Backpack - How to Carry the Weight

You have to keep the weight even. So, you could start with a small bottle of water in each side. This way he has a drink for you and him at your walk destination!

Dog Backpack - What to Carry

As stated above, you could put a small bottle of water in each side of the dog backpack, or you could carry some soft sided snacks, or toys for them to play with at the dog park such as a ball.

Dog Backpack - Training

More and more people are buying dog backpacks, not for the fact they are to carry something for the hike, but just to help to train their dog to stay by their side on walks. If you have an anxious or jumpy dog, this seems to work well. They have to concentrate on a job, which seems to take them away from their jumping.

Dog Backpack - Getting used to It

If you would like to use a dog backpack, then try putting it on your dog without anything in it for a day or so. You could get it out every time you are going to get the leash for a walk, after a while, they will relate it to going for a walk, and look forward to it.

This can be good exercise for a slightly chubby dog too. When it comes to getting the right size, most suppliers will have you measure the waistline of your dog, which is approximately 2/3 of the way between the front legs and the back legs.

Make sure and get a dog backpack for your size of dog. They come in sizes for small to large dogs. Don't overfill, and make sure to keep the pack even on the back. Make sure that the belts does not rub on your dogs belly.

You can purchase dog backpacks in pet supply stores, or online with such places as Amazon and Ebay.

This can be a great way to have your best friend stay by your side on a walk or hike, and also help to take the picnic for afterwards! Don't forget to bring treats for your dog.