Dog bad breath remedies may be as simple as food stuck in his teeth, or he needs a good “doggy teeth brushing” but sometimes dogs just have “not so fresh breath”.  Below is a great dog bad breath recipe for biscuits that he will not only love to eat, but you will love him more afterwards as they sweeten his breath.

Ingredients:Dog Bad Breath Remedies

1-1/2 cups of whole wheat flour (or any kind of whole grain flour you have such as oat or rice flour)

1 cup finally chopped fresh parsley

¼ teaspoon of pure mint extract (you do not need much of this!)

1 egg

1/3 cup of milk

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil


It is better if you can use a food processor for this dog bad breath home remedy!  It makes it easier to get the parsley totally and finely chopped.

In the food processor, mix all ingredients.  When you see that it is all mixed together, take it out of the food processor and if it holds into a ball shape then it is ready to work with, if not, you may need to add a touch of water if it is too dry and falls apart.

Now take your dough and roll it out on a floured board to approximately ¼ inch thick, and then cut out using doggy cookie shapes, or simply cut into a grid of squares.  If you make them smaller then you will get a lot of biscuits from this batch. 

Using a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (or using ungreased cookie sheet), bake these treats until they are done and golden brown, which is approximately 20 minutes if the oven was pre-heated.

Let them cool totally, and now you can store them in a container, ready to give your dog.  They will love them.Dog Treat Recipes

The above is just one great idea for dog bad breath remedies that work well.  But you should always make sure that your dog’s mouth is healthy first. 

If your dog is due for his check-up, then make sure and mention the bad breath issue, as there may be underlying causes for this problem.  I know with my dog, Sasha, she had terrible breath.  It smelt like something had crawled in her mouth and died!  But she was not complaining about anything, so at her next check-up, the Veterinarian managed to get her mouth open (hard to do with my dog) and right at the very back of her mouth was an infected molar.  It had broken and abscessed.  I felt terrible for missing this, but she always wagged her tail and didn’t complain.  After extraction her breath got better, but only back to what I call “normal potty breath”. 

So, the above dog bad breath home remedy is something to try if your dog is healthy and nothing medical is causing this condition.  Some dogs, just like some humans, just seem to get bad breath.

Dog Treat Recipes You Can Make Easily!

Making your own dog treat recipes is a great way to control what your dog eats, and you know what ingredients are in them.  Good homemade dog treats can be eaten by humans (although we may not like the taste of them as they are not sweet!) with the simple ingredients that are involved, and most likely you have sitting in your home.

So, if you are looking for dog bad breath remedies, and you have had your dog checked for medical causes, then consider making these great tasting homemade dog treats designed to sweeten your dog’s breath.  Then check out other great dog treat recipes that your dog is sure to love and can save you money.