As a fellow dog owner of a pug I know the feeling of having to deal with non-stop barking every single day. It can be totally nerve racking!

I recently invested in a dog barking collar several months ago. I can safely say that the results were just what I wanted and more.

Some people may say otherwise but I do not believe at all that anti dog barking collars are inhumane. What would have been more "inhumane," you might say, is if I had brought my cute little dog to the pound. I would never have done it but it did cross my mind at times.

These collars work very quickly and efficient. You set the level you desire, place the device around your dog's neck, and if they bark over a certain noise level and more than several times they get shocked. Simple as that. It is designed to totally stop loud barking and it works great.

It took my dog less than a day to get the message. A couple zaps and all of a sudden I didn't hear a peep!

He used to bark at everything he saw outside. I have big windows and live on a crowded residential intersection so some days he never stopped yapping. You would have thought he would tire himself out at one period of time but, alas, it had gotten worse.

These collars are really not designed to hurt your dog. The shock sounds worse than it really is. Its more like a "prick." Enough to get his attention. If you think this is too strong try putting your dog in timeout and see where that gets you. I really did try everything.

Use these anti bark collar devices for two weeks straight and voila. You will not have to take Tylenol everyday to cure your headaches.

So the key to the collars is using them everyday for two weeks straight. If you do use it one day and not the next than your dog will quickly forget and at day three it starts all over again. Two weeks straight burns the message in their minds. You still want them to bark but not totally out of control.

There are many of these collars you can buy. The difference of quality is significant. The cheap ones will malfunction a lot. The more expensive ones have more features. The even more expensive, like the tri tronics bark collar, cones come with a remote that allow you to personally control the "shock." The higher the features the more you can pinpoint your desired training.

If you are frustrated with the constant barking this is an ideal present to buy yourself. It will save your nerves and more importantly make your pet a lot more lovable in the future.