Reunions and family gatherings are common during the holidays. It is the time of the year when people spend quality time together while enjoying home-cooked meals. In these homes, however, there may be pets that endanger the safety of children and even adults.

Since children are naturally playful, they have the tendency to tease and annoy dogs. To avoid harming their loved ones because of dog bites, pet owners must be extra careful in allowing their dogs get near family members whom they are not familiar with.

Pet owners must always be reminded of these safety tips so as to prevent injuries in their homes:

  • Observe the dog around guests. As much as possible, pet owners must not leave the dog with visiting relatives as he may act aggressively around them. See if the dog does not shown signs of aggression or if they easily get along with guests.
  • Make sure that the dog is comfortable and well-fed. The preparation for these gatherings will certainly take up a lot of time, however, owners must never neglect the needs of their pets. Feed them as often as they were being fed and keep them comfortable as they were before guests arrive.
  • Observe if you need to move the dog. There are dogs that might be easily agitated by noise and so they have a tendency to attack guests. If the dog is situated near the door or a part of the house frequented by guests, then, you must consider moving him to a place where he won't be able to harm your relatives.
  • Advise the guests of the dog's behavior. Not all dogs are trained and act the same. It would be best to inform the guest of your dog's behavior so that they won't tease or provoke an aggressive dog.

Dog bites shouldn't be taken lightly. The victim should immediately be checked by a medical expert who will determine the severity of the injury and administer the necessary treatments.

Who can help victims?

These bites will damage the skin that might necessitate operations and various medical procedures and even leave scars. These attacks will certainly cause trauma, especially to a child, so it would be best to find someone who can help you recover compensation from the pet owners.

Victims of dog bites and other animal attacks are encouraged to hire a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who can estimate the amount of losses that the victim has incurred because of the incident. These damages would include economic losses such as the hospitalization expenses as well as non-economic damages such as the victim's pain and suffering.

Never let these accidents caused by your own negligence ruin the festivities. Be safe by being more careful about how things should be handled especially when guests arrive.