Using a dog boat ladder is a simple way to get your dog back on board your boat, or back onto the dock at the cottage.

It is nice to see our pets enjoying a swim on a hot day, or chasing after that Frisbee, stick or jumping fish, but trying to get an older or arthritic pooch to come out and back onto the boat or dock, is not only hard on them, but can be dangerous for you too.

If you have a larger dog, it can be very difficult to even help them out.  You can start by at least using life jackets for dogs this makes it easier to keep them afloat anDoggy Stepsd to help them get out without hurting themselves.

As our pets age, there are more and more pet aids to help us and our pets enjoy a long and active life.  A ladder just for them is just one more aid.  These ladders are simple to use, and have a universal fit for most boats, and can be used at the side of docks.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp

These steps or ladders give your pet the right angle to get up and out easily, and makes for an enjoyable excursion.  If you were not allowing your dog the fun of swimming simply because you were out on the boat or sitting on the high dock, then consider getting a special ladder just for them.  These ladders fold and are easy to transport back and forth and fit in the car.

You could even consider leaving one of these on the boat or at the cottage permanently, so that you always have one available even for other canine visitors!

Sometimes a dock is just too high out of the water for your little buddy to get back on to it when they have finished their swim, and the people ladder is just too vertical for them and hard on their joints.  Many people struggle with their poochie on these ladders and end up trying to get them to come ashore.

On a boat this is much more difficult, and you can end up injuring yourself, leaninDog Boat Ladderg into the water to get them out.

So, if you like to include your dog in your summer vacation activities, such as going to the cottage on the lake, or taking the boat out for the day, or maybe you are using a houseboat for the week, then having a their very own ladder  is going to make life easier for you and your dog.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp

You can get these ladders at most boating supply stores and some cottage and outdoor sporting goods stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.

While you are checking out the ladders for dogs, also consider getting your dog a life jacket.  This is an affordable piece of safety equipment that can be purchased for under 25 dollars for a small dog. 

Enjoy your leisure time with your family and your pets, and make life a bit easier for you and them, with some of these great aids for dogs that are now on the market.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp
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great accessory to have while boating.