Dog hybrids are slowly becoming popular these days, particularly the beagle lab mix. The reason why this breed got famous is because they are very outgoing, unlike pure bred beagles, and very trainable just like pure bred Labradors. This designer breed is also known as Labbe, Labeagle, and Beagador. Before you invest in this type of cross breed, it is best to know which mix is best for you. Here are things you have to know before obtaining a Labbe.

What do they look like?

A Labbe is definitely a bundle of cuteness, just like a beagle. Their colour patterns are unlimited; you can have a chocolate coloured Labbe, or a blue ticked one. Also, they tend to have short and sleek coats like Labradors. This mix has an average height that ranges from 18½ to 20½ inches. In terms of weight, Labbes can be as light as 35 pounds, or as heavy as 75 pounds. Generally, Labeagles are one of the strongest crossbreeds in the world.  

LabbeCredit: Michael Condouris via Flickr

What is a Labbe’s temperament?

It is necessary for you to know both of the parent breeds of your Labbe, in order to determine its temperament. Both Labradors and beagles are loyal-type of dogs, and follows commands quite well. So you can expect your Labbe to be very loyal and friendly too.

Beagles have the tendency to howl a lot, whereas Labs are more timid. The kind of attitude your beagle lab mix will get depends then on the number of genes they’ll get from their parents.

Most of the time, Labeagles are kind and mellow. Sometimes, they can be extremely sensitive that they often don’t respond to harsh commands well.

How do you take care of your Labeagle?

Taking care of Labeagles is relatively simple and easy. Just remember these tips below:

  • Take your pet regularly to a groomer. Their coat is similar to those of a Labrador, which is quite thick, so they need regular grooming.

  • Speak to your vet about how to feed your dog properly. Labbes need to fed three times a day, in their first three months, and then gradually make the feed ups twice a day.

  • Walk your Labeagle frequently to keep him/her active.

  • Bath your Labbe with a mild puppy shampoo once a month, and clean its ears at least once a week.

 So that’s it. You should now be ready in owning a Labeagle in your home. Remember, besides these simple needs, you also need to shower your dogs with care and affection because you can surely guarantee it from them!

Lab Beagle Mix in Action! - See how trainable this breed is.

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