Rover Get a Hair Cut

Dog clippers are an indispensable tool for the home pet grooming enthusiast. Before deciding on what model to buy here are some tips to consider that will help you select one that will be well suited for your particular pet.

If you have a furry friend, then you know how annoying it can be to find hair all over your house. Many pet owners choose to trim their canine's coats for this reason. Others do it because it requires less maintenance – prevents matting, reduces time spent on brushing and working out tangles in long haired breeds. Still others trim their pets seasonally to keep them from overheating on hot summer days.

Owning a pair of electric dog clippers, will allow you to trim your pooch yourself whenever the need arises. It will also reduce your grooming bills since you will not need to bring you furry friend to the groomer every time she needs shortening.

Dog Clipping Time!Answering some basic questions before making a final purchasing decision can help a lot in selecting the best dog clippers for the job. So, let's start by identifying your canine's coat type so that you will be able to select a model that will work fast and efficiently.

You will want to consider the answers to these questions in order to determine blade size, which attachments you will require and how powerful the unit's motor needs to be:

  • How long is her coat?
  • Does she have a double or thick under coat?
  • Does her fur get matted easily?
  • How many different cut lengths does the fur require?
Once you've determined what you're up against, next it's time to explore some questions that will help you identify some of the important features and differences that will make it easier to accomplish the task. Consider the answers to the questions below. The answers will help you determine not only some of the functional aspects you'll want to be sure are included in the unit you purchase, but just as importantly how convenient and comfortable it will be for you to use.

  • Does it have a single speed or two-speed motor? Some pets have both coarse and fine fur in spots.

  • How fast does it heat up? A two speed motor is bigger and more powerful but will heat up faster.

  • How much does it weigh? You will be gripping it in a controlled way for a period of time.

  • Would you feel comfortable working with an extra large model or a more petite cutting instrument? Sometimes, having more than one size tool is the best way to go if you can afford it.

  • Would it be more convenient to use cordless dog clippers? Make sure the battery will last the entire trimming session.

  • Is the housing break resistant in case it slips out of your hand? Look for a model with rubberized grip for durability and comfort.

  • Is it a kit or an ala carte model? Dog clippers are available is kits that typically includes a brush, scissors, several size combs, blade oil and at least one cutting blade.

  • What size cutting blades will you need? Wider blades cut faster but aren't best for some precision trimming areas.

  • If you buy two different models are the blades interchangeable? Some brands have readily available interchangeable blades.

What Should You to Do with a Severely Matted Dog Coat?

What do you do if your dog's coat is severely matted? Many rescue pups come into shelters with severely matted coats. This can be a very painful condition especially the closer the matted areas Severely Matted Dog Coatto the skin. The animal may be very nervous and jumpy and in some cases it may be best to muzzle the pooch to prevent being bitten.

If this is your first time clipping a dog you may be better off bringing the animal to a professional groomer and letting them shave off the matted mess.

In case you're wondering, the photo on the right is of a beautiful Maltese dog, but in this condition you would never know it!

Oster and Wahl are two popular brands that are readily available in local pet supplies stores and from online merchants. Make sure to compare important features of dog clippers as well as price and have fun giving your pooch a stylish new hairdo!