Dog Nail Clipper

Dog clippers and files are important tools that you will need to keep your pet's nails and paws healthy. Learning how to using them is an essential part of your home dog grooming routine.

Clipping your pooch's nails will help prevent them from splitting or snagging on objects which may result in a painful injury. Also, if they grow too long it could make it painful and difficult for your canine to walk around.

Manual Sytle Dog Nail Clipper

Manual Dog Clippers

You can use manual dog nail clippers that use a cutting blade or you can try electric dog clippers which actually file instead of cutting.

If you are using manual clippers they must be sharp so that they make a swift clean cut. Dull ones tend to pinch or crush which will cause your pet pain and agitation. You should begin at the tip and snip off little pieces at a time. After trimming make sure to file down any rough edges.

Inside a Dog's Nail: The "Quick" & What You Need to Know

Beware of the fleshy center of the nail called the "quick;" it will bleed if you cut into it causing your furry friend some pain and worry. If you see moisture, then you have reached this delicate inner portion. If you do cut through the quick it will bleed for a bit depending on how deep a cut you made.

Dog Nail QuickGenerally, this sensitive area is pink in color and easy to see, but if your pet has dark colored claws it may be difficult to determine where the quick begins. Not being able to see that distinction will make the trimming process a little more difficult and you should trim smaller cuts more slowly to avoid injury.

You also must pay extra attention to the dewclaw, which is located on the inside of the leg. This particular claw can get snagged easily. It doesn't rub against the ground so it doesn't show wear like the others and can become very sharp and pointy. You need to keep a watch on it and, as it doesn't wear down, trim it more often than the others.

Electric Dog Clippers

If you decide to use an electric trimming model you may have to spend some time getting your canine Oster Electric Nail Trimmerfriend used to the sound and vibration of the tool. Since this type of tool uses friction to file away the excess, make sure to keep an eye on how fast it is removing the tips. Always make sure the file is not dull. A dull file can cause excess friction which may cause the sensitive quick to heat up before you complete the trimming job.

When you start with the grooming process, gather all the necessary tools and choose a comfortable place. Lay your pup on his stomach. This posture allows for both the safety and comfort of your pooch as you trim. Since he will be a little restless while you work, give him a bone, toy or treats to divert his attention.

Importance of Regular Dog Nail Clipping

If you are not following a set grooming schedule, an obvious reminder that it's time to trim is when you hear them start to click on the floor. Ideally, they should be trimmed twice a month. If you neglect this important grooming task, it will be difficult to get them back to the proper length since the quick will also move forward if the claws are left untrimmed.

Don't skip this important grooming task. And keep in mind that the best dog clippers for the job are those that match the size and thickness of the nail. If you need help in the beginning ask questions about dog clippers before making your purchase. You may also want to ask you veterinarian or a professional groomer to show you how and to recommend a few types of suitable for your pet.