Like humans, dogs also feel the cold even though they have their own fur coat.Some dogs are affected more than others. The smooth fur dogs like the Jack Russell's or Chihuahuadogs feel the cold.Then there are the dogs that need their fur coats trimmed to keep them clean and dry like the Shuitzu dogs they will also feel the cold during the winter months.



The most important part of making the coat is to keep the dogs chest and back warm. There are several ways of making these coats.You could knit one yourself or sew one from one of your old Polyester Jumpers.



Things you will need



A pattern






Sewing machine




Needle and Thread


Pattern:These are available online or you could borrow an old one from a friend and trace around it allowing extra for seams. I made some for my sons Shuitzu dogs. Picture shows how the pattern will look so all you will need to do is measure the length of your dog.This one is 40cm from center of neck to base. It is 50 cm to top from bottom before rounding the bottom edge. Then it is 23cm across the middle when folded in half on neck edge.



Choice of fabric: I would recommend using polyester or a fleece fabric. You could use a plain color on one side and a pattern on the other.I made mine so I could actually turn them inside out to change the way they looked.You need to bear in mind that outside dogs do tend to get dirtier than inside dogs. So you will need to make them a couple so you have one on and one in the wash.



Measurements: Double check your measurements before cutting out your pattern.You will not want to make it up and then find after you have finished that it does not fit. Male dogs need a shorter or more open style coat underneath for obvious hygiene.


Cut and Sew:It is best to cut out two pieces so that your dogs coat is lined which will give him/her more warmth. Now cut out 2 pieces of straight material about 7 cms wide and 16 cms long. You will need to put the two right sides together and sew around the edge leaving one end at the top open.Turn it inside out and lay flat.You may want to sew all around the edge to give it a more finished look about 5mm of the edge.You can then overlap the two ends as shown in picture, this is the part that goes over the dogs head and under his neck.



Tip: Before sewing this part try it over your dogs head to make sure it will fit then sew up. Or you can sew Velcro on to make it a more snug fit.



Now you need to put right sides together of the two straight pieces and sew right around leaving one side open. Turn inside out and stitch onto the side of you main coat.Measure on the dog and sew a piece of Velcro on the other end and also a piece on the other side of coat.This is to fasten the coat under the dog's tummy.



Make sure if you dog does go out in the rain that he has not got his coat wet.You would not want your wonderful mate to catch cold by sleeping in a wet coat.



Buying Online:If you have not the confidence or time to make your own dog coat, then type into Google's search engine "dog Coats" and I am sure Amazon or one of those companies will be able to supply the article for you precious pet.