Have you ever wondered just what your dog gets up to when you are not there? By using a dog collar camera, especially a video camera that can record images and sound, you can find out.

You can get these lightweight pet collar cameras for dogs or cats under 60 pounds.  They are water resistant (since Rover is likely to stop for a drink along the way) and can record up to 2.5 hours of fun video along with sound.

If you have an outside dog, that tends to take himself off for solo walks after dinner or at night, this is a great way to find out where he goes.  Does he annoy the neighbourhood cats?  Does he dig in the yard?  Or worse, someone else’s yard?  Have your neighbours been accusing your dog of raiding their garbage?  This is a great way to play spy and find out if it is your dog or cat.

These are a really affordable way to spy on your pet.  You simply clip them onto their collar (so make sure they have a sturdy collar).Dog Collar Camera

Electronic gadgets are getting smaller and smaller these days.  They have long life lithium  batteries, or rechargeable batteries that make these gadgets wireless and fun to use.  It was only a matter of time, since there are tiny spy cameras for inside your house, that there would be portable dog collar cameras.

Be ready for some great entertainment.  Seeing the world from the height of your dog or cat, can be even better than renting a video for the night, you just never know what you are going to see. 

This particular model has a 8GB flash memory and a high tech auto focus sensor, to get rid of blurry images. 

Now if you have a quiet dog that you think stays in his bed all day, you may get a surprise to find out that he actually does get out of his bed and gets up to mischief when you are not there.  A friend of mine used one of these, to find out that her dog jumped on the table and laid there for most of the day!

Simply clip on your dog’s collar and then head out to do your erranPet Collar Camerads and see what he gets up to, little do they know they are being watched!  Now you will know which critter got into the garbage or other places they are not suppose to be.  But be ready for graphic images as this is from their height and close up to garbage or whatever they are tearing into!

Dogtek Dtk- Ete Eyenimal Digital Camera Videocam for Pets - Dogtek DTK-EYE

But some of the most enjoyment comes from outside pets.  It is amazing where your cat or dog goes. 

You can get petcams that take still pictures on a timer, that is stored in the camera, or you can get a dog collar camera like this one that is a video you can watch afterwards, erase and then start again, or maybe upload to youtube. 

You can get these pet collar cameras at most major pet stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  Find one that will fit your size and weight of pet (you don’t want one that is too heavy for them) and compare prices online, then get ready for some interesting video for your movie nights!