Noisy dogs are definitely hard to deal with. Not only are you going to experience the stress that the sound of incessant barking produces, but also the stress that you get from angry neighbors.

There are certain methods that could stop your dog’s excessive barking but it will surely take quite a while before you could achieve complete silence in your home. Dog training is highly recommended and yet most owners either don’t have the time or the money to push through with the training.

In such instances, we try to look for an alternative. There are gadgets that could help you stop your dogs from making loud and disturbing noises. One of these gadgets is called bark dog collars. This type of collar is a cost-effective way of preventing your dogs from barking excessively.

There are several kinds of bark collars. One emits ultrasonic sound. Another one sprays liquid that smells of lemon or other citrus fruit. There is also another that produces an electric current.

Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Dog Collar

When the device senses a vibration on the dog’s throat, the electronic dog collar emits ultrasonic sound waves that would make him stop barking and focus on where the sound came from. This sound is inaudible to humans, so usually a high-pitch indicator sound accommodates the ultrasonic sound to let the owner know that the collar is working properly. You can usually turn the high-pitch indicator sound on or off.

Spray Anti-Bark Dog Collar

When triggered, the device sprays citrusy liquid directly on the dog’s face. The liquid used in this collar is composed of citronella. The smell of the citrus liquid will distract the dog for a short while therefore the dog will focus on dealing with the smell instead of barking.

Electric Shock Anti-Bark Dog Collar

This collar works by releasing electrical impulses to the dog when it is triggered by barking. Shock collars may seem a little cruel on dealing with your dog’s excessive barking issues but this is extremely effective in putting a stop on the stressful nights that your noisy dog causes. It must be stressed, though, that shock collars help correct bad dog behavior. The electronic dog collar is certainly a humane way of dealing with your beloved pet dog’s excessive barking issues. This collar has been approved by the Humane Society and other animal welfare groups.

Instead of punishing the dog every time it barks, the bark collars will do the job of silencing your dog for you. Now, you can have a dog in your apartment without worrying that it will disturb you and your neighbors’ sleep in the middle of the night. Your dogs would still certainly bark at the sight of strangers but barking for no reason at all will be a thing of the past.

One way of knowing that the anti-barking dog collar is working is by hearing a slight yelp right after a loud bark. It means that the dog has been bothered by either the sound, smell or shock dispersed by the gadget on their neck. But don’t punish your dog by making him wear the bark collar 24 hours a day. The best time to use the bark collar is during the night where complete silence around the house is definitely required. You should give your dogs time to experience bark collar-free hours so that your pet would not develop a tolerance towards the dog collar. If your dog has become used to the presence of the collar, it might become useless. Instead, allow your dog to realize that he only gets punished for barking at specific times of the day.