Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween, but so does the family dog. If you are looking for some dog costume ideas for Halloween this year, then check out these.


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You can either purchase a costume that fits your pet well. Remember some dogs will panic if the costume is too tight or too restrictive. Or you can easily add a few trinkets to your pooch for a costume idea. A lot of these ideas for Halloween depend on the personality of your pooch.

Many little guys, love to dress up, as they are already used to wearing coats and sweaters, but if yours is not, then maybe stick to a simpler version of any costume to keep your pet happy.


 You can get actual costumes that you purchase.  If your dog loves to dress up and is smaller then these types of costumes will work well. You can get them from Amazon, Ebay and shop.com and sometimes overstock. Or you can shop in person at your department stores that sell Halloween costumes and many pet stores will carry a line of pet costumes for Halloween.

If you have a larger one, you could simply make him a green hat with spikes, this can be just as effective to get into the spirit.


Pirate Dog Costume – Limited Edition (X-Large)
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 Once again you can get a full outfit for your dog, or an easier way would be to make him a pirate hat with a skull and cross bones on the front of it. Stay away from any patches or anything that interferes with their sight. But you could also give him a skull and cross bones bandanna along with the hat, and this would make a great costume for Halloween, and he has free movement.

Why don't you dress up the same as your doggy, or visa versa? What ever costume you have decided to create or buy for Halloween, see if you can make a smaller version of the same thing.


Rubie's Frog Hood Dog Costume
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 You can make him a green hat with big bulgy eyes of a frog, or purchase a frog head costume for pets. This can be fun too. If your pet likes to wear clothes, then you could get him a green fuzzy coat to go a long with the frog hat/mask.

Halloween Collar

 Bib or Collar

 If you are creative, you can make a simple bib.  It could have a big S on it for Super Dog, or the Bat sign for "bat dog" This idea works really well with a bigger taller guy, such as a German Sheppard or larger, as their front chest shows more, and by wearing a bit, he is still dressing the part. You could pair that will a hat. Just make sure to cut holes for his ears.


A short Halloween wig that would be used for kids, could fit on your dogs head. Just makes sure you secure it and cut holes for his ears. If he/she likes to dress up a short curly wig on top of his/her head would look the part.

If you are planning on walking around town dressed up with your pooch in costume too, then you need to make sure that he is comfortable. As fun as it is to dress up our best friends, it can be hard on them. So, keeping it simple, especially for a larger one walking the neighborhood with you, can be just as effective.

If you live in a neighborhood of dogs, then why not stock a few dog treats for the trick or treaters that come to your door. If there is a poochie among them, then ask the owner if you can give them a treat.

If you are creative, and like to sew, you can also get great sewing patterns for dog costumes for Halloween or other holidays, and make your own. Have a great Halloween!

Dressing your pooch up for Halloween is fun and gets you into the spirit.  But of course you have to know the personality of your pet.  Some don't like to wear any clothes and others love to show off new outfits.

If your dog is not interested, but you want something, then consider a bandanna or even just changing out the collar or leash to a themed one for fun.  

There are many cute collars and leashes available as your pet would be used to them.  So if your pet is not one to parade around and show off a costume, then consider just a bit of bling instead.