Dog Ear Infection-Tips To Help Your Dog

Ear infection is one of the most common infections in dogs, and unfortunately can make your dog go crazy. Many people automatically go to the veterinarian when they suspect that their dog may have this; however, there are a large variety of things that can be done in the comfort of their own home to help eliminate and prevent dog ear infection. It is not to say that you shouldn't go to see a veterinarian when you think that your dog has an ear infection, but these tips can definitely prove to be useful at times. For instance, imagine that you notice the signs of dog ear infection at 8 o'clock in the evening, and the veterinarian is closed until the next morning. Using these tips will greatly benefit you and your canine in that it will allow his ear infection to be sustained or get better by the time that you go to the veterinarian; furthermore, if you use enough of these tips, you may even be able to get rid of the dog ear infection! Please use caution when attempting to use these tips, as your dog's ears can be extremely fragile and of importance; use them carefully and the ear infection will improve significantly.

Trim The Hair Around The Ear

The inside of a dog's ear is not protected by a thick layer of hair like all of the other areas of a dog's body; moreover, this is why their ears are vulnerable to dog ear infection. Because of this lack of protection, a dog's ears can be exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses more easily than any other area. The ends of the hairs on a dog seem to carry many of these harmful bacteria; when the ears of a dog are left untrimmed, the hairs can easily grow long enough to touch the inside of their ears. This hair touching the inside of a dog's ears promotes dog ear infection greatly, and with the right grooming, can easily be avoided. Keeping your dog's ears properly groomed is a crucial step in preventing and getting rid of an ear infection.

Clean The Canines Ear

Another step to preventing and getting rid of dog ear infection is to clean the inside of your dog's ear. Most people choose to do this with their average dog shampoo or soap, which can clean their ear in a decent manner; however, there is a better proven "home remedy" to ensure that your dog's ears are clean. Many families know that vinegar can clean a lot of things in a thorough manner; however, its harsh nature would harm a dog if used directly on their ears. To avoid this household ingredient harming the dog, you must dilute it by adding water; there is no specific amount that should be used, but at least 50 percent of the final solution should be water. Once you have created your diluted vinegar mix, you can gently spray it, and spread it into your dog's ears; once this has been done, you can successfully say that you have taken another step in preventing and getting rid of dog ear infection.

Use A Disinfectant

Another way to prevent or get rid of dog ear infection is to simply disinfect it. Just because your dog does not currently have an ear infection does not mean that his ears are not infected. A dog's ears can be infected up to several weeks before he develops an ear infection. Common sense states that one of the ways to fight an infection is with a disinfection; however, you should not go to the pharmacy and ask for the disinfectant that you use on yourself for your dog! Two "home remedies" are apple cider and garlic. To help your dog ear infection, you should simply take these two products and apply them gently to your dog's ears. It is important to apply them gently because dogs associate smell with feeling, and if they feel pain while you are using these products they will never allow the products to come within 10 feet of them!

Use Antibacterial Or Anti-Fungal Drops

This step is vital to helping your dog with his dog ear infection because it will provide him with the medication that he needs. These are fairly common and can be purchased at most pet stores. The only catch is that you must know what type of ear infection that your dog has prior to using one of them. Your dog can have either a bacterial ear infection or a fungal ear infection; moreover, you should use whichever medication is appropriate to rid your canine of his dog ear infection.

Incorporate Vitamin C

This tip mostly helps to prevent a dog ear infection; however, it can slightly assist in eliminating it as well. You should try to incorporate as much vitamin C in your dog's nutritional plan as possible. There are a ton of dog treats, and dog foods available that are jam packed with vitamin C. We all know that dog's can be picky animals when it comes to the taste of their food; however, choose whichever one your pet likes best and you will have no problem preventing his dog ear infection from developing or getting worse.

Dog ear infections can be an absolutely horrible experience for your dog, and can devastate them for a long time. It can cause them to excessively scratch, bark, howl, and downright act crazy. Most people take their pet to the vet when they see the first sign of a dog ear infection; however, veterinarians may not be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether your pet has a dog ear infection and you cannot contact a vet, or you simply would like to heal them yourself, follow the tips that are provided in this article and you will have absolutely no problem helping your dog through this traumatizing experience.