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As a pet owner you know all the potential problems that canine ear mites can cause such as hearing loss, discomfort and often times serious infections. There are several things that you, as a pet owner and lover, can do to help prevent and eliminate this problem and to start you can try this dog ear mite treatment.

What you will need for this ear mite treatment and home remedy:

1/4 Cup of Mineral Oil

1 (400 IU) Vitamin E Capsule

Bottle with Dropper - Clean and sanitized and large enough to hold at least 1/4 - 1/2 cup of liquid

Thick padded Q-Tips

To Prepare your Canine ear mites treatment:

Open your bottle and puncture the vitamin E capsule. Squeeze all of the liquid out of the capsule and into the bottle.

Next, add your 1/4 cup mineral oil to the bottle and replace the lid. Shake the bottle thoroughly.


Keep this dog ear mite treatment stored at room temperature in a dry location.


To apply this ear mite treatment simply hold the bottle in your hand to warm the liquid or place it for a moment or two upright in a bowl of lukewarm water.

This is done for a couple of reasons the first reason is to allow the dog ear mite treatment to come to a loose free flowing consistency which will allow the ingredients to mix more thoroughly and be applied to your canines ears with less hassle. This also helps to heat it up just enough so that your beloved pet is not shocked by bone chilling coldness when applied.

Once the mixture is warmed up a bit; shake the bottle to mix the ingredients together thoroughly.

Slightly tilt your dogs head and lift his/her ear to gain access to the ear canal. Squeeze 2 to 3 drops of your ear mite treatment into your dog's ear canal. Now gently massage around the ear to help work the solution in. Your dogs natural response is going to be to try and dislodge this treatment by shaking their head – that is okay, let them shake their head.

Now you need to use your Q-tips to gently remove the oily dog ear mite treatment and any dirt and debris from your pets ear. Be careful and gentle so that you do not damage the inside of their ears - and do not go too deep!

Repeat this process for the other side and continue this treatment every other day for a full 7 days (which should equal 4 treatments total).

Persistent or ongoing ear problems:

If this dog ear mite treatment does not appear to help your canine and their ears become hot, red, swollen or otherwise irritated this can be the site of a more serious issue such as a yeast infection or other canine disorder so consult your veterinarian right away!

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