Just like humans, pets, especially dogs can overheat.  A dog electric cooling mat was always a good choice to help keep them from heat related injuries, but electric ones were incomvenient and could be dangerous.

Now there are many different state of the art products, to keep your pooch cool without electricity.  Some simply tell you to freeze the mat, which is not always convenient either as you may not always be near refrigeration.

But now you can get non electric mats that cool them down, that are created using non toxic gel.  It is a heat absorbing gel. that keeps the mat cool even on the hottest of days.  Your pet will enjoy laying on this mat to stay cool.

Always make sure and have lots of fresh water available for your pet, and if he is a furry mop, it woulnd't hurt to have him groomed and trimmed.  But on the hottest of days, your dog is most likely going to just want to lay somewhere cool.  I know our's does,  and would ask to go in the garDog Electric Cooing Matage so she could lay on the concrete floor to stay cooler.

If your pet lays on cool hard surfaces to avoid the heat, then you may want to consider getting them a mat to keep them cool, simply because it can be hard on an older dog to lay on concrete floors.  These styles of mats are perfect for dogs with hip or joint issues and/or pain.  The cooling sensation will keep them comfortable at the same time with a soft cushiony feel.

Alfie Lifestyle Pet Accessory - Pet Cooling Mat - Color: Blue, Size: S

These are tough mats, and resists nails and bites, but the cooling gel inside is also non toxic.  You can use these inside or out, but keep out of direct sunlight.  They can also be used on the car seat, where pets can get overheated while out on those errands with you or for travel. 

Obviously you should not leave your pooch in a hot car, but the mat would make his journey more comfortable.

You can get these in different sizes, so you need to measure your pet to see which one would be perfect for them.  You don't need to wait for summer time either, as many dogs simply do not like heated houses either.  They may still enjoy laying on this mat even in the winter months.  It all depends on the breed of your dog and how they react to heat.

Try laying your own head on this mat, and feel the cooling sensation, then you will understand why your pet will love something like this for those hot days.  It is also soft and cushions the joints which makes this a great gift for your pooch, especially if they have joint or hip pain.

You no longer have to get an electric one.  There is no need to plug anything in and use electricity to keep your dog cool.  These cooling mats with heat absorbing gel work very well, and are more portable than an electric version. 

You can get these in larger pet supply stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon for a good price. Keep your pooch cool and happy this summer.

The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad, Medium
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(price as of Jul 7, 2013)
they will love this in the hotter months.