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A dog is a man’s best friend. More people are dog owners than any other pet including cats, birds, and even fish.  They can add years to your life by reducing your overall stress, which in turn helps regulate blood pressure, heart disease, and general good health.  It is not hard to fall in love with a puppy just by looking at him or her.  They have a sweet innocent look that very few can pass without saying hi.  Also, their goofy personality can make almost anyone chuckle. 

Just like we take care of our health it is just as important to take care of our dog’s health.  Too much fast food or desserts will make us unhealthy and the same is true for dogs.  The food you choose to feed your dog is a very important decision.  The food you select will dramatically impact their happiness, energy levels, and longevity.  Good food and food portion for your dog can add years not months to your dog’s life.   

There are many food comparisons to consider when deciding upon which dog food to choose.  Some of those food comparisons are wet or dry dog food, raw or cooked, organic or not organic.  There are millions of dog food companies on the market today.  Many local pet stores are even making their own dog food from scratch.  This overwhelming amount of options can make it difficult to select the right dog food for your dog. 

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One of the first dog food comparisons to make is checking the ingredients.  There are television shows, blogs, and news reporters investigating our own human food system and turning up some unfortunate health concerns.  If we are using poor care for human food, one can only imagine the care taken for dog food.  One ingredient to avoid is animal by-product.  Animal by product are less healthy for the dog because they contain ingredients that a dog would not naturally eat like bones and some organs (basically, what is remaining after the meat has been extracted from an animal).  Another ingredient in dog food to compare is protein levels.  If your dog is a very active dog, it will be important to feed him or her higher levels of protein.  All dog food companies list the protein percentage on the back of the dog food label. 

Another dog food comparison to consider is raw or cooked.  Raw diets are popular because there are many who believe this is how dogs were intended by nature to eat.  Dogs have a much shorter digestive system track than humans and can therefore tolerate a raw diet.  A raw diet however can be messy and expensive.  If you have decided upon on a raw diet, but do not want to speed a fortune, then you should compare a dehydrated raw diet.  A dehydrated raw diet has been growing in popularity because it is less messy than a traditional raw diet and can be less expensive too. 

A dog food comparison can be a lengthy time consuming process, however is very important for your dog’s health.  In then end, your dog will thank you and live a healthier longer life.