Dog Food Ingredients

We all love our dogs. They give us unconditional love and it is only natural to want what’s best for them. However, not all dog food is created equal. Some are better quality than others, and with many types of brands to choose from what foods are best? This article will look at dog food ingredients and compare them between different types of dog food. By undertaking a dog food ingredients comparison you will be able to decide what type of food is best for your pet.

When choosing the best type of food for your pet you will need to consider the dog's age and any particular requirements it may have.  Older dogs need a special balance of protein, fibre and fat; and there are brands out there that specially cater for this.

A Typical Bowl of Dried Food.

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Dry dog food comparison

It is helpful to do a dry dog food comparison because there are differences in the way dry and canned foodare made, their ingredients and the nutritional content.

Dry food is made with the same ingredients as canned food; it is just processed and stored differently. The basic ingredient is called Kibble and consists of meat products such as chicken, beef or lamb. This meat is a by-product of the food industry – meat products that are unfit for human consumption. This meat is dried, compacted and stored in convenient packs ready to be sold to dog owners.

Despite its gruesome sounding basic ingredient, Kibble does have some advantages over the canned varieties. Firstly, it reduces the build up of plaque on your dog’s teeth; secondly, it keeps a lot longer than canned pet food; thirdly, because it is bought in bulk it is an economical way to feed your pet. Fourth, due to the way it is processed, Kibble, particularly the more expensive brands, have added vegetables to increase essential vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet. Most top brand dried dog foods give as good as, and sometimes better nutrition than the canned foods. Lastly, dried dog food is particularly beneficial for puppies as it develops mouth muscles.

Best and Worst Foods for your Pet

Disadvantages of Dried Dog Food.

As with anything there are some disadvantages to dried food. It is not as filling as canned dog food, some brands have a lot less protein than the wet pet food; and some pets can be sensitive to Kibble due to the gluten content.

One important thing to remember if you are doing a dry dog food comparison is to look at the ingredients carefully. Going cheap may not be the best choice for your pet as the value Kibble tend to substitute the meat by-products with ‘bulking agents’ such as corn or other grains. While this is not dangerous, it means that your dog may not be able to absorb the nutrients contained in the food, particularly as many dogs are allergic to corn and other grains. Even if your dog can tolerate corn, it means that there is less protein it your dog’s diet.   

Canned dog food reviews

There are two types of canned dog food on the market: semi-wet and canned dog food.  Whilst these types off dog food contain more protein than the dried dog food; they also contain fewer nutrients. They are also a more expensive way to feed your dog. Many owners like to mix canned dog food with dried dog food to get a more balanced and cost friendly meal for their dogs.

Many dog food manufacturers also offer ‘premium’ dog foods which contain better ingredients than cheaper versions. In fact, man y of the ingredients used in these premium dog food brands is human grade. If you want your dog to eat the best food, then premium canned dog food has all their nutritional needs. However, it is an expensive way to feed your dog.

Wet Dog Food

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There are numerous types of dog food on the market. The dried dog food is a convenient and cheap way to feed your dog with the added nutrition it allows. Canned pet food contains more protein but is more expensive; and premium pet food has all the nutritional value for your dogs but is the most expensive. For people on a budget, and those who want a balanced diet for their dog combined with easy storage then mixing dried food with a little canned food will be the perfect, healthy meal for your dog.