Having a dog is a great commitment that affects many areas of your life, and home renovation is not an exception. In order for your refurbishing project to be a success you will need to take into account your lifestyle and the habits of your canine friends to avoid costly repairs later on. Dog friendly flooring is a must if your dog likes spending time indoors with the family, but thankfully there are many options available to choose from.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl luxury tile is thicker than cheaper options, and more resistant to scratches and pet damage. It is also very resistant to moisture and easy to clean, but the best bit about it is that you can just replace soiled or broken tiles as you need, without having to worry about replacing the entire floor. If you are worried about the particular style of tile you bought becoming discontinued is it worth to buy spares, particularly if you know your dog is very active and likes to run inside the house.

Vinyl flooring offers perfect peace of mind for homeowners with pets, as you won’t need to worry about spills, stains or scratches if your dog comes running to greet you or has an accident. It is also very comfortable to walk on and silent, so perfect if your house has several floors and you are worried about noises. The prices for vinyl flooring vary, but avoid the cheapest styles as they are often not very resistant to scratches or damage.

Dog Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Dog Friendly FlooringHardwood floors can be expensive, and the idea of it being scratched by your dog may be giving you second thoughts about using it on your home. However, with the right care and provided you choose the right wood with a good finish it can be a great dog friendly flooring option. To start with, make sure your hardwood floor has at least 3 coats of an oil-based urethane finish, as that will protect the wood.

In order to protect your floor, make sure to place a mat under your pet’s bowls, so there is less chances of water or wet food spilling over the floor. If an accident happens, wipe it up immediately but don’t use products such as ammonia or bleach as they may damage the surface. Clip your pet’s nails regularly as well, to reduce the likelihood of scratches. However, keep in mind that if the floor becomes too scratched you can get it refinished many times, unlike laminate floors, so it looks as good as new again.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

If you live in a warm area and don’t mind having a cool floor, ceramic tile flooring is a great dog friendly flooring option. Is stain resistant, almost impossible to scratch and can be washed with very aggressive cleaning products without any damage. You can get it installed at a price, or even install it yourself as a DIY project, and it’s durable enough to last for years with minimal to no maintenance.

If you want to lower your renovation costs, look for tiles that are being discontinued or sales  at the local home improvement store, and install them yourself.

Pet Friendly Laminate Flooring

High quality laminate flooring can look as good as hardwood, but at a fraction of the cost. However, it cannot be refinished so you will need to replace it if your dog causes serious damage. It is relatively resistant to moisture and stains, depending on the finish so look for laminate flooring treated with anti-stain finishes and don’t go for the cheapest in the store or you may be disappointed.

In order to keep your laminate flooring safe you should follow the same advice as for hardwood flooring, and use rugs and other floor coverings in areas that are more likely to suffer damage. Consider getting an extended warranty that means you will get it replaced if it gets stained or severely damaged, even if it means paying a bit extra to start with.

Dog friendly flooring options are great both for pets and for their owners. You will be able to relax and enjoy your dog’s company at home, and he won’t be scared and reprimanded every time he has an accident inside the home.