Finding activities to keep your toy dogs in shape and busy can be kind of tough, especially when you consider that many were bred to just sit around in a lap all day long! Sitting around isn't great for them though, and even little dogs need regular exercise to keep them happy and engaged. The plus side to this is that there are tons of activities that you can most likely find locally that will be great at keeping you and your small dog fit and in trim shape, so get out and see what appeals to the both of you.

One of the better known sports and dog games out there is agility competitions. Even toy dogs get a division, and anyone can compete locally. Though it used to be Shetland Sheepdogs and Border Collies that mastered the sport, there is now a huge surge of people wanting to try their hand at training their toys to compete and these dogs really love to compete. Finding a trainer shouldn't be too hard in most major metropolitan areas, and the sport isn't so expensive that it edges out theDog Games - Agility totally inexperienced competitors in most cases. Agility is a long standing outlet for active dog energy. Another option for the more daring to try is the sport of dog dancing. Toys in particular love to entertain and give them an audience and you will see why the best dog dancers are toy breed dogs. It might be tougher to find a good trainer in your area, but even if you are just snooping around online you will be able to find video and what have you on dog dancing and getting your pooch the moves to wow the crowd. This is a really fun way to train your dog and even if it is just something you do around the house your dog will love how much fun this is.

Keeping up with a toy isn't always easy, but these larger than life pooches love getting into new things, and trying out new games for dogs is just something they love in life. You will always have something new to try with a toy, and don't let anyone with any kind of breed bias turn you off. Shih Tzu can actually be taught to track things, for example, and if I can teach my Shih Tzu to track, there is no end to the games for dogs you have available to you.