Quality Dog Gates for Stairs

If you have or are about to get a dog or puppy but don't want it getting upstairs/downstairs and want to limit the area it can potentially mess then you have two options either train your dog not to go up/down or get yourself a dog gate for stairs. The former option requires a fair bit of time investment whereas the other can serve as at least a short term option (and it is this what we will explore here).

What Type of Gate Do You Need?

There are hundreds of different designs when it comes to dog crates and some serve slightly different purposes to other. Here, it will basically depends on where you want to fit it on your stairs. At the top of stairs is considered a "high risk area", so it is suggested that you need a hardware mounted design that could have screws to be attached to the walls.

If you are wanting it at the bottom of stairs, it is considered a "medium risk area" in which case a pressure mounted gate should be more than enough to do the trick. They usually use rubber stopper clamps that go outwards and follow the bar until its fits upright into the wall or stair post.

Again, though it depends on the type of dog you have as well, obviously some dog gates will fend off a chihuahua better than a great dane would, so account for this factor as well in terms of both size and strength.

Dog Gates for the Top of Stairs

As stated just above because of the potential for harm (if the dog gate fails) these need to be securely fastened. Hence, something like the Summer Deluxe gate just below is ideal. It is a 29 inch tall gate that fits betwen a 29.5 and 40.5 inch stair way wide gap. For stairs, you will get additional hardware (as it can be fitted for doorways too) mounts.

Dog Gate for Top of Stairs

Obviously, there are many others that take on this principle but come in many other designs. This is the type of dog gate for the top of stairs ideally you want to be looking at, to ensure the safety of your puppy/dog and that it stays where it should be.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deluxe Wood Walk-Thru Gate, Dark Cherry
Amazon Price: $74.99 $58.56 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 6, 2016)

Dog Gates for the Bottom of Stairs

When it comes to the bottom of stairs, where less harm is likely to occur obviously, the dog gate doesn't need to be as solid. So something like the Carlson 0941 Extra Tall gate would be perfect given that i is chew proof and works on the pressure release system. This particular model is the best selling in the range too. 

It even has a little pass through for smaller pets such as cats to get through. Again, this is just a staple piece that you should be looking at for the bottom of stairs, there are hundreds of different designs out there, if you don't fancy the look of it. This being said, this model does offer particularly good value for money given its adaptability, practicality and strength.

Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door, White
Amazon Price: $74.99 $49.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 6, 2016)

Small Dog or Puppy?

The two types of gates above are for medium to large sized dogs, if you have smaller ones a retractable gate might be more practical for you. The primetime one below, is awesome given that you can bend it into whatever shape you want and can either place it at the top of your stairs, bottom of your stairs or somewhere in the house to keep your little dog to a restricted area.

Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Pet Gate
Amazon Price: $84.38 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 6, 2016)