Have you ever heard of the green bean diet dog food plan? Well, there really is such a thing. If you have, you may have considered it, and if you haven't you want to know about it and try it. Lets find out what this is all about.

This is not feeding your dog green beans only. You cannot just feed your dog green beans because he will be lacking in nutrition severely. You need to find a balance in this type of diet.

The way the dog green bean diet food works is to mix your standard dog food mixed with some green beans. The benefit of this is keeping your dog full in between meals.

If your dog is like mine, he seems to be hungry and looking for anything she can in between meals. By adding some green beans to her food at meal time, keeps her full and well fed. She is satisfied until the next meal time.

This is also great to help them get their weight to a healthy level. But is this good for all dogs? Well, not all dogs really need to have this added to their food. But this is really nice for these dogs that could eat more than they should at one meal.

There is something to watch out for if you do decide to add green beans to your dogs diet. This is an extra form of fiber, so your dog will be making a few more trips outside.

But the main thing to watch for is whether this is upsetting their digestive system to where she is uncomfortable. The best way to implement this is to do it slowly.

Some dog owners that have used this have found it helps to give the green beans to their dogs at the same time every day, therefore predicting her potty schedule.

Ok, if you are ready to do this, then lets review what you need to know and do. You are only going to be giving a small amount of green beans to your dog, so you don't need to go buy a slew of cans. Plan on storing the leftover out of the can for the next day in the fridge.

Keep track of how much you are giving your dog by measuring it. Give her the same amount every day once she is used to it. But when you are getting started, just add a tiny bit, and work the amount up each day.

If you find them on sale, then go ahead and stock up. But remember, you won't be going through them that fast, unless you have a huge dog that can eat a huge helping of food at one time. The amount you feed her, depends of course on how much she typically eats and her size.

Another important thing to remember, try to find green beans without added salt. This is a better for your dogs health and doesn't cost you anymore at the checkout.

The biggest advantage to this diet dog food plan is that it will help your dog get back to her healthy weight which will give her better health and more energy. So, go for the green.

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