Dog hair mats are something many pet owners have to deal with on a regular basis.  If you have a short haired one, then maybe not, but for the rest of us dog owners, especiaDog Hair Matslly the longer haired breeds, this can be a nightmare.  But before you resort to shaving all their coat off, consider some of these ideas when it comes to getting rid of dog hair mats.

Use a conditioner – If you dog is also dirty, or you know he has picked up these mats from dirt and other grime, then shampoo him first, but then make sure and use a really good dog hair conditioner afterwards, not the “all in one” but a separate heavy conditioner. 

This will help to soften the mats.  Now after you have towel dried your dog, take a good dog comb and start trying to work your way through some of these mats while brushing out your dog while he is still wet. 

Detangler – If these mats have been there a while, or the conditioner is not able to do it on its own, then consider spraying the mats with a “detangler” specially created for dog hair mats.  Spray it on the mats, and leave on for a few minutes and then start to comb them through.  With these detanglers, there is no need to rinse, and they give your dog a soft coat. Isle of Dogs Coature No. 63 Detangle Conditioning Mist for Matted Dog Hair, 8.4 oz.

Separate – If you only have a few dog hair mats, and they are not coming apart, then try this.  Take a pair of nail scissors, and simply put a few snips into the mat as if you are making fringe.  Make sure your hand is at the base of the mat so you don’t hurt your dog.

Now that the mat is separated into smaller pieces, try to work each piece apart.  I find this works quite well in conjunction with the detangler for dogs and cats.

Groomer – If you have rescued this dog and it has not had much grooming, or your dog simply got himself all matted up, and he is not patient enough to let you work through these dog hair mats, then consider getting him to a professional groomer.  They will most likely shave your dog.  This is best done in the hotter weather when he really doesn’t need his coat much anyways.  Now you can start fresh.

Once you get the dog hair mats out of their coat, you want to keep it clear of mats.  The best way to do that is to make a schedule of brushing and combing your dog.  Even if it is once a week, even while you watch TV, you can stay on top of any mats that are just getting started, you can bond with your pooch, and they will not get those nasty large mats. 

Grooming your dog regularly will help to keep the oils from the skin flowing through the dog hair which tends to help prevent dog hair mats, unless of course your dog loves to run through fields, creeks, and whatever and comes home with burrs and debris.

Hopefully the above list will help you get rid of dog hair mats, and keep your dog’s coat shiny and your dog feeling good.