Have you ever been wandering through those "high end neighborhoods" and seen the great style and architecture of the house, and the fancy garden designs complete with expensive fountains and gardeners everywhere, and yet there in the corner is that horrible dog house design. You know the one that looks like all the leftover plywood from the street was used to slap up that poor dogs house? With shingles missing?

It is amazing where people will put their efforts. If your goal is to have a "nice on the eyes" house and property, especially the garden, then you need to integrate your "best friends" house into these plans. Dog house design is critical if you don't want your thousands and thousands of dollars spent to impress the neighbors, to back fire when it is the first thing they notice. You probably just get used to seeing it, and think of it as a necessity and not as something that could look nice. So consider dog house design, when designing your yard.

If your best friend has a home outside, that is fine, but his home needs to look the part. It nodog house designt only needs to be functional, but there is no reason why there can't be some fun and "barkitecture" as this book states. Any utility area of the yard needs to have its place if you want clean lines.

Many people will spend hundreds or thousands on outdoor sheds that have all the same look as their house. They will get them specially designed and built to house their lawn mowers and such, but there, in the corner, will be Rovers slap together dog house in the corner, with that rusty old fence around it.

Dog House Design - There is more to this now, then just slapping together a box and putting Rovers name plate in the front. That may have worked years ago, but with more and more people wanting to spend money on yards this has to change. Think of Rovers dog house as "designer" now, and maybe look at doing some renovations to get this corner of your yard to look as good as the rest of the place. Doggie Homes (DIY): Barkitecture for Your Best Friend (DIY Network) (book pictured)

There are many dog house designs and plans on the market, that are nice and they are basic and are functional. But if you are looking for something just a bit different, something with "barkitecture" then you should check out this book.

It will give you good dog house designs that you can follow. Step by step plans to have the dog house of your dreams. Your dog will not know what hit him, he may actually like being sent to the dog house!. You can insulate them, heat them, paint them, texture them, even put bricks and siding on them.

There is a lot of choice in dog house design now. There are people who actually build dog houses and pet enclosures for a living. But you can do this yourself if you have the right book, plans and tools. It all depends on the size of your dog, and just how much time he needs to spend in the dog house.

But no matter how much time he may spend out there, you have to get rid of that beat up plywood one the kids put together when he was a puppy, the one that has seen better days, the one he most likely would rather stand on then go inside! So, take a look at dog house design and see if you can't spruce up Rovers house and yard! After all he is your best friend.

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