Wooed Dog House 3A dog house is one of the main considerations for new pet owners if the dog is to be outdoors for any length of time. When new pet owners first decide to bring a dog into their lives and their homes, the dog's needs and entertainment must be considered.

There are basic needs to consider such as good nutritional food and treats, dog house training as well as bathing and grooming needs. There are many dog supplies and accessories available for a pet owner's convenience and for the dog's benefit.

When choosing housing for your canine friend there are things that have to be considered. The size of your dog and whether or not the dog will be spending all night outside are the major ones. You can usually get a pretty good idea of the things your dog will need by picturing in your mind how your dog will use his new home. Your climate, available yard space, and budget will all play a part in your decision making process. Considering all this will really help you when it comes time to make your final decisions on the type and style.

A bed that takes into account the dog's size and the climate conditions would be recommended for the dog's best comfort and safety. You'll need to choose a size for the bed or pad that will give your pup something soft to rest upon. If your dog isn't fully grown yet you may consider purchasing a larger pad that he will grow into. Make sure it is made of sturdy stuff or it may not last through the puppy teething and chewing stages. Washable covers for these beds are also a great convenience.

If the dog will be spending nights outside, a food and water bowl should be nearby the dog dwelling and within reach. Sometimes it may be required to consider positioning an outside dog house near the GFI electrical receptacle on the back of your house as a water bowl ice thawing device may be required.

An Igloo Style Dog House - Good for Cold Climates

For dogs that will be staying in their houses continually, the climatic conditions for the area will be Igloo Dog Houseimportant. If it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer you may want to consider "comfort features" like an insulated dog house and good ventilation.

An igloo type house would be a great choice for cold climates and if it gets very cold a heated dog shelter would be necessary. The use of a heater is another reason to consider an outside electrical outlet nearby.

Dog house heaters are generally considered safe and provide life-sustaining heat for dogs that live in a very cold climate.

If a wooden dog house is preferred over one constructed using a mold, a heated dog bed or pad would be very helpful and necessary to keep the dog safe and warm. A cedar wood house makes a nice option when a wooden home is wanted. A weatherproof, shingled roof will be necessary for durability and strength against bad weather.

Whether a small dog or a large dog house is required making sure it is equipped with the dog's specific needs will ensure a safe and healthy environment for your pet. For more than one dog a larger dog house kennel should be considered.

Personalize It: Buy Dog House Plans and Do-It-Yourself

DIY Dog HouseThere is always the option of building the dog house as a do-it-yourself project. It can be a fun and interesting family project for many who enjoy making things and also a chance to add personal, family touches to it.

If this is the case it would be a good idea to shop around for good quality dog house plans. The most important point to this dog house project is that when it's done your dog gets a safe, warm and comfortable home.

A happy dog whose most important needs are fulfilled is a reward for the whole family.