There are many people who do not understand why it is necessary for a pet to have any items of clothing.  There are many practical reasons why a pet should wear a coat or jumper.  However, if someone is not aware of the practical reasons then they will be seen simply as a fashion accessory. 

Fashion Dogs

One of the trends of recent years has been for ‘handbag pets’.  These are small dogs such as Chihuahuas which need to be carried much of the time when out and about.   Some people treat the pets themselves as fashion accessories and dress them in dog jumpers created by designer labels, in the latest colours and designs and often co-ordinate them to their own outfits.  This does not mean that they do not care about the welfare of their pet though.    

However, this is a small proportion of pet owners and it should be remembered that not everybody takes this line when it comes to dog jumpers and coats.  

Dog Jumpers

A pet jumper has been designed to fit over the heat and with ‘sleeves’ for the front legs.   The aim is to keep the dog warm in colder weather.  Dogs may have a fur coat on but many of them will feel cold when the temperature drops.  This is particularly true of smaller pets such as Jack Russells or other breeds which have very short hair.   

When dogs exercise their muscles become warm but when they stop they will begin to cool down.  This process is interrupted in very cold weather and this can lead to muscle and joint injuries.  Those who exercise their dogs regularly will know that it is not much fun when it is cold and damp and some pets are not that keen on it either.  There are coats and jumpers available which are waterproof and which can help to make the walk a little bit more enjoyable – for the dog at least! 

Wearing a jumper or coat is the ideal solution.  The garments are made so that they can easily be put on the pet and there is no need to be concerned about wrestling with the pet to get them to wear it.  There is even a range of ‘waistcoats’ which fasten on the dog’s back, making it easier to get them to wear them.   

For Larger pets, Too

Dog jumpers are not just available for the ‘handbag dogs’.  They are available for pets of all shapes and sizes.  Coats and jumpers are also beneficial for larger dogs that are deep chested such as Great Danes as the cold can leave them prone to respiratory problems.  As it can be both distressing and expensive to help a pet that becomes sick it is better to concentrate on helping to prevent the problem in the first place rather than trying to deal with it later.

The serious pet owner will be putting the health of their pet first and not even thinking about fashion, particularly as some of the dog clothing items which are made and marketed as fashion accessories are not the best quality.  If your pet does need to wear a coat or a jumper then it is better to purchase one that has been carefully made to fit the purpose.  A well made jumper or coat will be very comfortable for the pet to wear which cannot be said for cheaper items. 

 Avoid Making Judgements

For this reason, dog jumpers should not be seen as accessories for the owner.  They are important items which can make a real difference to the pet’s health and wellbeing but should be selected carefully to achieve maximum benefit.        

If the dog owner is being sensible with her heating and wearing jumpers inside her home, then her dog will similarly need a dog jumper to keep warm, just like a child would.