The debate on whether to dress your dog or not is an age-old one. While there are biologists and puritan vets who believe dogs come with their natural layer of fur designed to protect them from seasonal changes, there are many salesmen and store owners who try to convince you that your furry friend needs clothing as much as you do, when the weather gets cold and uncomfortably chilly.

So does your dog need a jumper? If your dog is a local breed and is native to the environment you live in, then your pet is genetically equipped with the required stamina and features to adapt to the weather changes, hot or cold. Huskies don’t need coats in Alaska, just lots of food to generate the body heat they need to survive.

However, most dogs today are transplanted across the world and as a result find themselves exposed to weather conditions that they cannot cope up with. Even stronger breeds become sickly and terminally ill but weaker ones succumb without a defence.

Some owners reportedly find their dogs shivering uncontrollably in the cold and curling themselves in distressing angles trying to combat the chilliness. Under such circumstances, your dog could definitely benefit from a jumper.

Tips for Buying a Comfortable Jumper

Shopping for your furry friend is always tons of fun and while your pet might not like the idea of you dressing them up in hats and goggles, they’ll always appreciate an extra layer of insulation on their skin. However, before you pick a dog jumper, you must make sure you read the following:

-        Choose a colour and size that would look good on your dog.

If your pet is a large brown breed, a huge dog jumper in plain red or black would make him look very smart and chic. On the other hand, if you own lovable breeds like Poodles and Pomeranians, you can try floral hues, prints, multi-colour cute jumpers to make them look prettier.

-        Make sure you try the jumper on your dog.

Take your pet to the store and ask for an outfit that you can try on your dog. If your pet is uncomfortable and finds it difficult to move about in the dog jumper, maybe you must discard it, no matter how cute it looks. On the other hand , comfortable jumpers are always a great benefit as far as your pet is concerned. Most people disregard comfort and buy a jumper purely going by the aesthetics, which is an extremely bad idea. Your dog’s physical comfort must be most important to you, than how he looks in a jumper. Remember: you are buying the jumper for your pet and not to please people on the street!

-        Choose the proper material.

Depending on your local terrain and the health of your dog, you must go in for a proper jumper. If it is always warm and sunny in the place you live, there is no need for you to buy a jumper at all. On the other hand, in extremely snowy and cool conditions, a fur jumper would be a good idea. If you constantly take your pets for walks in the rain, you would have to buy a water proof jumper, and so on.

High Tech Jumpers

Sometimes, you also need jumpers that soak away moisture from the dog’s body and keep them comfortable after rain walks and baths. Most jumpers have the ability to attract all the hairs that your pets keep shedding in the house and car, reducing your cleaning time. Of course, all the fallen hair would be left in your jumper which you would have to wash regularly.

. . .

There are many varieties of dog jumpers available online and in stores around you. Choose one after keeping all important considerations in mind. As with anything else, if you buy cheap you end up with low quality.

Buying your dog a jumper might even help you to cut down on your gas bill, or you will have to stop pretending that the heating is turned up high for the dog’s benefit.