Dog Cages

More and more families are allowing their dogs to live inside and this has brought about a new product which helpfully can be used for transportation, too. Cages are now available and the best thing about them is that they fold away easily. Also, they don't seem to be as expensive when compared to the kennels on the market.

This product comes in different sizes and should be bought based on the size of your dog. So if you had a Chihuahua you would naturally buy a small cage compared to the huge one you would consider if you owned a Great Dane.

Another positive point about this product is that they can be extended by the use of an exercise pen. This can be added to the cage to give the dog extra area to move around in. This proves effective if you need to leave extra food and water if leaving them for a period of time.

All in all, this new product could be very handy if you would like to keep your dog in the house instead of leaving it in a dog kennel. The bonus is you don't have to worry about your furniture if you have a mischievous dog, too.

Boarding kennels

Going away can be expensive, but it can be even more expensive if you have a dog. This is because whilst you are travelling abroad for a holiday, your dog has to be looked after by somebody else.

Sometimes, this is not always possible and therefore some dogs have to be cared for by complete strangers in boarding kennels. These services provide food, water, maintenance, exercise and general care for your dog whilst you are away. However, there is a catch; they are expensive due to the intensive service given.

Boarding kennels generally mean a place where dogs can be housed for a short period of time and for a certain amount of money. The total cost of finding a 'hotel' for your dog can usually be determined by the perks offered.

The problem with these holiday homes for dogs is that some dogs will experience stress while living in the kennel environment. This can sometimes causes anxiety as the dramatic change in lifestyle affects their behaviour.

There are some solutions to this problem. For example, it is recommended that the dog is equipped with objects from home to remind and comfort them. These objects can be toys, blankets or something that carries the scent of home. In addition to this, many kennels provide one-to-one play sessions which are proven to reduce the stress levels of your canine friend.

Even though the boarding dog kennels may be crowded, dogs are not treated badly. In some 'five-star kennels' they even provide a webcam in your dog's kennel so that you can watch your dog anywhere in the world - like Big Brother!

Overall, you can see that dog kennels can vary greatly. You have to be sure of what you need but more importantly what your dog needs, as they always say, 'dogs are a man's best friend'.

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