If you are unsure about your dog with other dogs, then wearing a dog muzzle not only helps keep him calm and less anxious but also lets you enjoy the walk too!  Muzzles will stop any snapping or biting.

Many people will look at a dog with a muzzle and think it is cruel or that the dog is dangerous, but if the muzzle is purchased specifically for that dog, it can not only pant normally but it can also drink water and still sniff and enjoy the outdoors and the walk.

Obviously, no dog should be restricted from panting or drinking unless in an emergency situation such as with an injured dog and under care of a veterinarian. 

You can get dog muzzles that are leather or plastic and are a basket style and simply cover the snout and mouth of your dog.

When a Dog has a Dislike for Other Dogs - If you have a dog that is not too fond of other dogs, and you live in town, chances are you are going to meet up with another dog.  I personally found with my own dog, that no matter how much expensive training I had, she was just not a fan of small and I mean small dogs, in the 5 to 10 pound range!  My dog is 65 pounds, and would feel the need to get her nose right into their “other regions”! which usually ended up flipping the poor little dog over!

Many tiny dog owners do not appreciate this NORMAL doggy response, so I found by putting a muzzle on my dog, she simply did not try to touch this dog other than a quick smell, and I was not worried that anything would happen, plus there was the added benefit of my arm staying in its socket!

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If you have a really friendly, goes up to everyone kind of dog, then you do not really need to worry, but if you have ever seen a reaction to a particular person or other animal, then consider a dog muzzle for your peace of mind and an enjoyable walk for you and the public! 

Around Children – My dog is older now, and loves to be pet especially by kids, but sometimes kids run up out of nowhere to pet her from all directions and she gets scared. In this situation I get a bit anxious too, and she can sense that.  She has never bitten anyone, but has growled when she is scared.  I just feel less anxious if she is wearing her muzzle.  Children don’t always think to ask if they can pet your dog, they just run right up to the dog, even calm dogs can become anxious with a few screaming children running towards them!

We were in the countryside before moving into town, and I was really looking forward to walking everywhere, so I got her used to her muzzle before we moved here, and now I have no fears about any reaction she might have to sudden noises, or people running up to her, or other dogs or other pets.  We recently had to share the sidewalk with a ferret on a leash!  I know if she didn’t have her muzzle on she would have chased that ferret. 

I found her better trained and listening to me with one on.  She walks to heel, and wags her tail and enjoys the walk even with the muzzle on.

Fearful Dog – You don’t have to have an aggressive dog to still get them growling.  Many dogs will react to fearful situations with a snap or a growl, and if you have any doubts about your dog at all, then get a muzzle. 

The trick is to find one that fits well, and your dog can get used to.  It doesn’t hurt for your dog to be used to a muzzle.  If they ever get very sick or hurt a veterinarian will put one on them, and if this is something new this will further stress your dog.

Once you have purchased your muzzle, put it on the floor where they can check it out, and smell it, then place a tiny treat inside the muzzle, and they will try to get it.  Then place it on your dog for 5 minutes at a time, and then treat them again.

It won’t be long before they get used to it.  I have had dogs most of my life, and my present dog was with my in the rural countryside, she is a good dog, but not used to the in town smells, other dogs and lots of people. 

She loves the long walks, and checking out the in town parks, but I always pick up after her, keep her on a leash and keep her muzzle one.  She just seems less stressed with it on, and most people around here have got to know her well. 

When we go for a walk, she reaches for it along with her leash as part of the regime with her tail wagging.  I used to feel a bit anxious about meeting up with smaller dogs, but not anymore, I totally enjoy our walks together.

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So, if you have any concerns about your dog while out walking, then consider a dog muzzle.  I am seeing many people using these.  Judge by how you feel.  You know your dog, and if you are concerned about enjoying a walk for fear of meeting up with another dog, then get one to fit your dog and walk right on by!

You can get these at many pet supply stores, or search around online.  They will usually have you measure the dog’s snout to determine the size.  You can start by sizing one based on the breed of your dog.

You can get leather, plastic or wire.  Personally, I have a plastic basket/cage style one that works well.  She can still drink from the pond, and even eat treats and pant normally, she just won’t nip and that gives me peace of mind and a fun walk.

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