Proper dog training is essential to taming a dog. Many people think that dog obedience training is
only to teach dogs a few tricks and train them for competitions. To nurture the relationship
between the dog and its master proper training that would make him understand common
orders is required. Training of a dog helps them to get rid of behavioral problems that many
dog owners face but do not know how to treat it. Here are some tips that will help your dog be
happy socially.

Set a particular training for your dog and repeat it each day several times so that the dog
understands the command and remembers it. The most important feature of training a dog is
repetition. If you expect the dog to grasp what you taught at once and then remember it- you
are wrong. Make your dog accept that you are his master he must obey you at each command.
Dogs generally make their masters adjust according to their behavior. But you must make sure
to teach him the other way round.

The command should be clear and exact at all times. Any miscommunication can confuse the
dog. Make sure to remember your very first command and the way you gave it out. The signs
should be consistent. Make a set of guidelines for your dog to tech him which types of behaviors
are acceptable and which are not acceptable. This will set a definite guideline for your pet.

It is very important to evaluate the progress of your dog during training. In this way you can
understand whether the training is bearing fruit or not. Also the dog should be happy with the
training. It should make him feel lively and jovial and not tired. If the dog is behaving in a rigid
manner then the reason shall be investigated and any problem should be sorted out at the

It is very important to reward the pet during training when his performance is good. Make
sure the timing is right. If you reward during an unacceptable behavior then he may take
the behavior to be acceptable and repeat it quite often. Rewarding the dog on his good
performance will encourage him to perform better. The reward may be giving him to eat
something he likes or playing with him the way he enjoys. Being patient during dog obedience
is very important.