Although a canine can exercise outside of an enclosed space, dog pens allow "man's best friend" to exercise in relative safety. If you want to provide your own pet with a top quality exercise area, then you will want to consider the following tips before making your purchasing decision.

Outdoor Chainlink Dog Pens - Secure Exercise Areas for Pets

Whether you own a large canine or a toy poodle, will determine what size and type of dog exercise pen you will need to contain your pooch. If you own a very large or strong canine, then a collapsible metal or Outdoor Dog Exercise Penplastic model used for smaller pups will be pretty much useless. And finding a house friendly containment pen for a large breed is no easy task.

If you don't want to leave your pooch outdoors you may want to check into crate training so that the animal may be safely contained in a kennel while you are away or unable to supervisor your pet.

If you decide to purchase an outdoor dog enclosure for your big breed than you will have more of options to choose from. For larger breeds you will want a durable outdoor chainlink or steel enclosure. It can be a permanent fenced in area type that is secured into the ground using cement. Or you may opt for a semi-permanent enclosure secured by removable anchors. This gives you the ability to relocate the pen as needed.

Some pet owners like the freedom to change the location as the seasons change –they place it in a sunny spot in winter and a shady area in summertime. These types of enclosures are available with or without tops.

There are two ways by which our four legged "friends" benefit from the use of pens. A dog in a confined space enjoys an extra level of Outdoor Dog Penprotection. A good pen with a secure top will keep out any small animals, including all infection bearing creatures. If a pen sits in a neighborhood close to a wooded area, then it can protect the canine from wild animals that may wonder into the area.

Portable or folding dog pens can be used indoors or outdoors. If you plan on using it outdoors make sure it is weather resistant. Also check how much the unit weighs and how easy it is to assemble. This is important if you are going to be moving it around your home or traveling with it.

Indoor Dog Exercise Pens & Puppy Play Pens

An indoor dog pen can keep an energetic puppy away from infants and small chPuppy Exercise Penildren. Moreover, it can keep your canine from getting into the kitchen garbage, chewing up your favorite pair of shoes and other playful mischief. And if it is left uncovered your pup will still be able to see what's going on and feel like part of the family.

But a word of caution, some puppies quickly become very skilled at climbing over the walls of their enclosures. If you are planning on leaving your puppy alone you may need to get one with a top or put you pup in a crate when you not around.

Dog exercise pens have been used with all sorts of dogs and are available with many useful features. While exercise pens for dogs generally have sections with a width of about Dog Play Pen24 inches, a roomier courtyard kennel has sections with a width of 36 inches. Of course, some pet owners find it necessary to take their "best friend" along on trips. Collapsible dog play pens are ideal when traveling with your pet.

There are a host of sizes and options to choose from. Consider how high the walls need to be, and how big the total exercise area needs to be. Is the model you are considering expandable? If you decide your pooch's containment area needs a top can it be added later? Once you decide on the features you need you will be able to select the perfect dog exercise pen for you pooch.